Bedwars chest UI lag


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Hi people of Neather Games! Im having a problem with bedwars right now,
the problem is that everytime I clicked on the buy UI, it lags behind like a second. This is shown in this clip.
I recently upgraded from a older pc and i had the same problem, and my new pc works without this problem on The Hive.
I didn't do an entire file transfer, and I only brought over my texture packs (vanilla edit by me.)
Is there any soloution? And thank you in advance.



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Edit: This applies to every menu like the vote for map in sky wars, the re-arrange items in bridge, and more. They are all similar to the bedwars problem.


There really isn’t a solution to this, but I use the lag time in Bedwars to move forward just a little right after I click the npc. It’s always been this way on NG, and I doubt it will change any time soon because the developers have other priorities at the moment, so I guess you’ll just have to get used to it.