August 2020 Community Announcement

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Statement from the Executive Team
20th August 2020

It has come to our attention that in recent times, there has been a lot of misconceptions circulating around regarding the staff team and the operations of the network. We'd like to take a moment to set the record straight.

In all of our years operating a Minecraft server network, we always put our players as our first priority. After all, without any players, there would be no server. We constantly try to listen to the community and what new games or features are highly requested, and then try to meet that public demand. Our investment into new development projects is at an all-time high. It is also important to note that none of us work at NetherGames full-time. Most of us simply work on the server as a side-project and hobby. We have lives outside of Minecraft and managing a large server network. It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to develop new games and features up to scratch. Please do not be disheartened if your suggestion seems to be lost among all the others - it may well be that it is already being worked on.

The reason why we do not provide any ETAs or project status updates regarding any upcoming games or features is due to the fact that we cannot guarantee it will ever be completed to our standards or be publicly released. We do not want to give our community a false sense of hope and fail to deliver on something highly requested.

Regarding recent issues that have come to light within the staff team, we take the wellbeing of our staff members very seriously. We acknowledge that they are in a volunteer position and their effort and time is most definitely valued. The assertion that issues raised with any staff managers are not addressed is entirely false. We were not made aware of any issues including, but not limited to, death threats made by players to our staff, until 2 days earlier after the staff member departed from our team. Had this been raised with any staff managers, we would have done everything in our right to ensure the safety of our players and staff.

On another topic where it is argued that members of our community are allegedly 'silenced' for voicing their opinion is also made on an incorrect basis. Freedom of speech is a fundamental human right and all opinions are valued. However, there is a line that needs to be drawn between freedom of speech and essentially what is public humiliation, harassment and bullying of staff members for merely fulfilling their responsibilities and calling out inappropriate comments made in an outside setting. We will not tolerate any sort of toxic comments towards our volunteers and staff members and we believe that it is our responsibility and in our right to refuse service to such people who hold no regard for the people they target in their unwarranted hate speech. We call on these individuals and groups to immediately cease their inappropriate behaviour and issue an apology to all parties involved.

Within the staff team, there is often casual discussion where volunteers simply have a channel to talk with each other informally. At times there may be jokes made against other staff internally. If these comments have caused offence towards any individual, then we sincerely apologise on behalf of all parties involved as these remarks were not intended to be interpreted in a negative manner. Contrary to the opinion of some, there is no talk in a discriminative nature (racism, sexism, etc.).

The allegation that there is 'favouritism' within the team is certainly incorrect. Staff members are moved between different positions or asked to leave based entirely on their performance and attitude. Whilst we understand that staff members are taking on a volunteer role, they are reminded from the beginning that they are representing NetherGames wherever they are as soon as they join the team and in a sense, act as ambassadors. If a complaint is made to us regarding the behaviour of a staff member outside of the network, it is our duty to follow up on such reports.

We hope that this statement has helped to address the unfounded allegations made by a small minority in the community. If you are the subject of serious harassment or bullying, whether it be by a specific individual or a large group of members, we highly encourage you to report it to us - use the reporting form on the forums at or the #report channel on our Discord server (

A file below has been attached containing this announcement.



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