Add UHC (Ultra Hard Core) to Nethergames.

May 7, 2018
I think we should add uhc because there are not many servers that have them expect for *inserted server I cannot say due to the fear my thread will be locked* and I think it'll be a nice edition to the server! Not saying you should do it now, i think you should just wait until the your server gets up to about 200 players average a day and then start to make it. Here is how I think it should be layed out.

*You spawn in a random position in a vanilla world
*There is a shrinking border they will teleport you to a random location every 30 mins
*There should be a 100 players in each game
*Mob spawning is turned on
*Grace period for 30 mins
*Natural Regeneration is turned off

There can also be team modes like DUOS and QUADS too.


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Aug 22, 2018
Italy, Lombardia
Cool idea seem funny too xD , lol I would love to hve , before this game , the famous infection murder mystery but your idea sound really fun too ^w^ btw for now personally, SKY WARS is my main drug!!! *^*