A compilation of a lot of Ideas (Mine and Others)

This thread will be color coded because I’m a visual learner myself and it will keep this thread more organized.

Red - New Gamemode Suggestions
Orange - Additions/Update Suggestions to Murder Mystery
Yellow - Additions/Update Suggestions to BedWars and SkyWars
Green - Additions/Update Suggestions to Battle Royale
Blue - Additions/Update Suggestions to Arcade (Block Hunt, Soccer, and Build Battles)
Dark Blue - Additions/Update Suggestions to Creative
Purple - Conclusion

New Gamemode Suggestions

We all love the new game modes and they are really popular when they are first released or rereleased. These are some new gamemodes that were previously on the NetherGames or that have been suggested a lot! As a longtime player of NetherGames, I’ve seen many gamemodes come and go such as CakeWars. Of course there were glitches that came with a lot of these which resulted in the removal of them, or they were replaced. For example, CakeWars was replaced with BedWars. But some gamemodes were never replaced, most of which were loved by many. One of these gamemodes were one of my personal favorites which has been mentioned many times by myself, TNT Games. I understand that there was lag and that the anti cheat plugin caused people to fall and such but that was back when NetherGames was not as advanced. I feel like the developers would be able to find a way to help many of these issues, TNT Tag can also be added as well as many other variations of using TNT. There can also be a Spleef gamemode which would eliminate the need for the TNT game known as TNT Run. Footspleef and toolspleef would be just two variations of this popular game, there could be many maps that would have varied amounts of layers. However, Spleef would be a great addition to another gamemode which already exists, I will mention this later.

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Additions to Murder Mystery

Being one of the most played gamemodes, this is a very outdated server. There haven’t been updates that have only applied to this gamemode. Of course there will be crate keys and such but that’s to everywhere on the NetherGames server and not just here. I have seen a few variations scattered around the forums and would like to share them here so that they are all in one place. One idea that I’ve seen is Youtubers Mode. In this variant, each person would get a youtuber’s skin. This idea can also be used with many other skin types (animals, blocks, tiny people, etc.). There can also be an assassin mode, where everyone gets a knife and a certain person to kill. How this would work is that each person would get assigned a random skin (because it would be harder to use maps for without assigning skins) and a map. The map would not be of the place but of a person saying “WANTED” on top. This would go in a loop so everyone is assigned someone but everyone is also assigned to be killed by someone else. Each player can only kill 2 people, (until it is final 2,) the person who is assigned to kill them and the person that they are assigned to kill. There would not be duplicate skins just so it’s easier to manage and find the person you are supposed to kill. Another variation of murder mystery could be hardcore mode. In this mode you are also assigned random skins by the server and it would be like normal murder mystery. But, there would be duplicates of some skins, making it harder for anyone with a bow to track down the actual murderer if someone rats them out.

Additions to BedWars and/or SkyWars

These gamemodes are pretty similar which is why I’ve put them together, firstly, make the doubles/solos shop work in BedWars. It hasn’t been working for years (since I’ve started playing) and it really bugs me and many other people who play BedWars. Next, add explosives, water, etc. to the BedWars shop. We have blastproof glass but no use for it yet. Sometimes I misclick buying it and it makes me mad because I just wasted some of the slowly produced iron/gold, an upgrade in the doubles/solos shops could be faster production of currency. Next, add axes to the shop in BedWars. It would make it easier to break wood. Instead of buying a straight up diamond sword/tool/armor, make it so buying leather, chain, and iron are mandatory to reach diamond. Make them pricier as you get up the ladder to diamond. For example, leather gear can be 15 iron, then to upgrade to chain it could be 32 iron, then 16 gold to get to iron gear and 8 emeralds to reach diamond armor. This armor would respawn in your inventory if you die once, then you downgrade and so on so forth. This would make everything worth the price. To make the people who farm kills happy, it would be in their inventory so they’d have to put it on. Add a better anti-cheat system on both, 8 seconds in the air should be an anti-cheat kick. If this anti-cheat is abused 2 times, the 3rd time would be an automatic 1 week ban. All kicks and bans would be enrolled on the punishment records automatically (if that can somehow work). I feel like SkyWars gameplay is pretty good, just add more updates server-wide and the better anti-cheat that was suggested previously.

Quick message: Personally, I’ve never played Battle Royale (or at least that I remember), so I attempted to play it just to make this thread properly, but there was no one on so um.. Enjoy my try hard life I guess! xD

Also because of my lack of knowledge on this gamemode, this section will be a little different.

Credit to TokyoPanda for making this thread it helped me a lot: https://forums.nethergames.org/threads/how-to-play-br.1096/ in the process of this section, don’t bump it though!!

Additions to Battle Royale

Quick description: For those of you with no idea of what this gamemode is (I didn’t at first before making this) it’s basically Fortnite in Minecraft with a few changes according to the person who I credited previously. I’ve also never played Fortnite and barely know what it is so if you are in the same position, it’s basically Hunger Games with some special items.

Little research Gianna hehe: According to my sources (Battle Royale section in forums) it’s the last gamemode to be updated. This is proof that it is really unpopular, enough that the server even knows and most people don’t play it (anymore, when it first came out it was all the rage). Therefore, there should be a huge update to bring it back into the game (by this I mean repopulating it).

Actual Suggestions: More healing items, I may not know much about Fortnite but I do know that there are potions that can automatically heal you. Instant health would be good as well as regeneration. Golden apples could also be added just so that there is a higher spawning rate. Absorbtion potions that can pose as a shield would also be an amazing addition. More weapons would also be nice, maybe a mini gun, hand gun and some swords. Pickaxe upgrades as well, on the thread I used (TokyoPanda’s) it mentioned starting with a Stone Pickaxe. Adding axes and lots of blocks would be great too because it’s FORTnite in Minecraft. So building is pretty important because high ground is great for shooting down other players.

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Additions to Arcade

I previously mentioned Spleef being added to another server, well this is it! Arcade should not be limited to games that aren’t very popular, it should have some great attractions as well, like Spleef. There can be parkour challenges, death run, any possibilities for this server are endless so express that instead of having it be limited to 3 games. After all it is an arcade! Any game that’s added will have a lot of people coming to it upon release meaning it would be much more popular which means more productiveness for the server. People will buy ranks and boosts just to get ahead at the beginning. I have seen many suggestions for new gamemodes but I think majority of those can be in the Arcade Server instead. Capture the flag can be a little teams game. Simon Says can be like Murder Mystery in the way of choosing one player to be Simon and the rest to be followers. In the hotbar, there can be items that need to be held upon instruction. You’d have 3 seconds to select an item or to jump a certain amount of times, possible even move onto a specific block. It could be really cool. Party games can be added too! Basically choosing a compilation of other random arcade games, and the person with the most wins doubles their current winnings in the round of Party Games. People who win less will not leave empty handed they will still get those wins credited in exp and the wins will added to their stats. As I said before, the possibilities are endless for this server and it’d be amazing to see what NetherGames could do!

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I really miss a certain staff member who ran one of the following suggestions but they quit a few years back, they were the first staff member I ever met and they truly inspired me to come back to the server, I hope that they come back someday. I’m pretty sure that anyone who met him misses him as much as I do. This person was Babos. We miss you.

Additions to Creative

The suggestion that was just mentioned was serverwide build contests. Weekly and monthly are probably the best (daily would get a bit crazy and not enough time would be allowed). For each contest, there would be a certain theme. The prize would be Ultra rank, but if you win 5 times you would win a Legend rank, then Emerald at 10 wins. If you win, you cannot compete in the next one of that same competition so someone else can win but you can compete in the contest after that. So if I won the first build contest ever, I wouldn’t be able to enter the second but I could enter the third one. I feel like that would bring a lot of people to Creative. A few rules should be: no copying or using tutorials, no adding helpers (or if that’s allowed then the owner of the plot gets the prize), ideas must be original or credited and allowed by person who said/gave idea if accidental it’s allowed. All submissions would go under the creative section of the forums. This would also bring people to the forums. Maybe fill the pedestals at spawn with more NPCs that teleport players to other plots, mini world (10x10, plots available to all players, /mw to teleport), fun fields (192x192, plots available to Legend players+ only, /ff to teleport), diamond deserts (256x256 plots made of sand that can be switched with a command, plots available to Emerald players only, /dd to teleport). Those would fill up all 3 empty spots and would encourage players to buy a rank or win one.

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There are many other amazing suggestions coming in to staff daily and I know most of these won’t get accepted but it would be amazing if they were, it would improve the gameplay on NetherGames by a milestone. Of course implementing all of these would take a lot of time and work especially by the developers. I would like to thank the developers for making NetherGames what it is today. I’d also like to thank all of the staff members, old and new, for keeping our server fun and safe for every player. I would like to thank past staff members for being staff even if they quit, they were an amazing help and helped shape this server. Finally, I’d like to thank all of the players of NetherGames for being great people to be around and helping with the making of this thread. If you haven’t seen your suggestions in this thread or they don’t fit into any of the sections be sure to leave a comment saying what you would like implemented into this wonderful server! Keep in mind that NetherGames is more mini game based and not too progressive unless it’s progressing on all servers! Have fun and have an amazing day/night. And Imout!

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Nov 15, 2018
I definitely agree with the one listed about creative as well as the one regarding murder mystery. I know this probably took some time to write, so I want to give a massive bravo! Thank you for making these suggestions, and I hope these will someday get implemented into our servers! Thank you!

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I definitely agree with the one listed about creative as well as the one regarding murder mystery. I know this probably took some time to write, so I want to give a massive bravo! Thank you for making these suggestions, and I hope these will someday get implemented into our servers! Thank you!
I got lazy with creative and conclusion that I forgot to color the words xD


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Mar 3, 2019
Ummm so what if I've never played fortnight, and never seen Hunger Games? lol i need a life