8th June 2020


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Jul 1, 2017
This week's updates include:
  • General:
    • 1500 players! (not really an update but cool achievement)
    • Voter rank requirement for creating parties abolished (now open to everyone)
    • Voters will now receive a x1.25 personal XP booster for the duration of their rank (24 hours)
    • Regions are now disabled if there are less than 200 players on it, you will be redirected to another region instead
    • If you have region queuing enabled and the region you are currently on is full, you will be placed into a queue - Emerald/Legend players can skip the queue and join full regions
    • You now need to right-click to use spectator items if on a mouse/keyboard device
    • Various party crashes fixed
    • We are now tracking a range of statistics including (some of these are not available for public viewing yet):
      • Bedwars - Kills/Deaths/Wins/Beds Broken/Final Kills/Resources Collected
      • Duels - Kills/Deaths/Wins/Losses/Arrows Hit/Melee Hits
      • Murder Mystery - Kills/Deaths/Wins/Bow Kills/Knife Kills/Throw Knife Kills
      • SkyWars - Kills/Deaths/Wins/Losses/Blocks Broken/Blocks Placed/Arrows Hit/Eggs Thrown/Ender Pearls Thrown
  • Bedwars:
    • Chest UI option disabled for all players except mouse & keyboard users
    • Magic milk added - you will not activate traps for 60 seconds from the time you drink it
    • Trap activation radius increased slightly
    • First letter of the team is now shown in player name tags
    • Helmet & chestplate not being enchanted bug fixed
    • Iron/gold/diamonds/emeralds from killing a player now goes directly to your inventory if you are credited with the kill
    • Contents of a player's ender chest is now dropped in the team generator upon death
    • Projectile trails now apply to fireballs
  • Duels
    • Combo mode temporarily removed
  • Murder Mystery:
    • New maps - Darkfall, Hollywood, Mountain, Snowfall, Widow's Den

Our entire team work hard to bring new updates every week to our network to make the best possible experience for our players.
Thank you to any players who have reported bugs or issues! If you do see a bug, please report it to us - ngmc.co/lc or to #bugs on our Discord server - ngmc.co/d


Important announcements this week:

Plot Contest Results
Congratulations to DurpyNoob18 and CBABOUCHE who won last month's plot contest! Results summary - https://forums.nethergames.org/threads/may-2020-plot-contest-results.9137/

As stated in the previous announcement, this month's theme is Seasons. Submissions are due by the 1st of July to https://ngmc.co/pc

Developer Applications
We're always looking out to hire new developers to join our development team. If you have any experience in server development you're welcome to apply at https://ngmc.co/dev

May 26, 2020
Nice, love that now voter gets 1.25x xp :D it’s awesome, thanks guys :)


Feb 14, 2020
so if I die my ender chest contents will be shoved out into a team generator for the taking of my teammates or an enemy.

well that’s sad my items can get stolen by nons who don’t even know how to fight


May 17, 2020
I play on controller, and I actually liked the chest UI. Would it be possible to add it in as an option?

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Aug 2, 2018
I play on controller, and I actually liked the chest UI. Would it be possible to add it in as an option?
It will likely be added as an option in the future, however, there were a number of glitches which were affecting controller chest ui than need to be resolved.

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