8.3. - 15.3: Changelog

Welcome to this weeks changelog!

This week, we have a lot more to tell you than last week, obviously starting off with our newest addition of game modes.

  • Released the Capture the flag minigame
  • Updated the server to version 1.16.210 (Protocol 428)
  • SB: Performance update in entity handling, noticeably reducing server load on SB
  • CTF: Fixed a bug where deaths would not count towards your KDR
  • TB: Fixed the /reconnect command not moving players to survival gamemode
  • CTF: Fix a bug where it would say "The Bridge" in the hotter editor
  • BW: Fixed a bug where the armor would not show when being hit while affected by an invisibility potion
  • BW: Fixed a bug where teams would sometimes show with zero players in the scoreboard.
We also want to thank you for hitting 2.502 players yesterday, thanks a lot for the amazing support!

Have a great new week,
your development team


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Huy Enter

Staff member
Discord Moderation Division

Hmmm. So maybe in future only Bedwars, Skyblock, Faction and Creative alive.


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Does this fix the bug when in bedwars when u try to mine blocks and after u mine blocks it reappear and u have to mine it again and sometimes it also again reappears?? I had the problem in Tb also. But I have 63 ping when i do /ping


Huy Enter

Staff member
Discord Moderation Division

Sure looks like it. If they made ctf not count to kdr it may live. (Also who thought that making ctf count to kdr was a good idea?)
Bruh. Maybe Mega Wall and Tower Wall are more suitable with you guy. Only Final Kill will count to your K/DR in Mega Wall and Tower Wall doesn't affect your K/DR at all.