2nd October 2017

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Jul 1, 2017
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This week's updates include:
- New “Parties” channel on Discord (discord.nethergames.org)
- New SW plugin - introducing Team SkyWars!
- You can now friend players through Xbox Live by clicking on their name in the player list (pause menu)
- Parties broken up after being transferred between servers has been fixed
- Fixed parties being broken up when trying to join a match
- Daily voting has been added - your Voter rank will now expire after 24 hours of claiming it
- Fixed cosmetic menu not being displayed after you quit or leave a match
- Fixed kit selection not saving
- Added a dropdown menu for selecting players in the “Report Players” form
- Fixed party permissions for all players
- Replaced the old inventory shop with new 1.2 GUI! You now have the ability to choose the amount of items you wish to buy
- Stability improvements
- Fixed villagers not spawning in Bedwars
- Temporarily fixed hidden name tags in Murder Mystery (caused by a Minecraft bug)
- Fixed the “unable to build” bug in SkyWars
- Added new team selection menu
- /hub now returns to the Lobby Server while /lobby returns to the lobby world of the server you are currently on

Bug reporting notice (Bedwars, Murder Mystery & SkyWars):
If you see a bug, please report it to nethergames.org/support with the build number (found using /bw info, /mm info or /sw info)

Our Executive Team work hard every day to bring you an enjoyable server to play on.
Thank you to any players who have reported bugs or issues, if you do see a bug please report it - www.nethergames.org/support

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