22nd June 2020


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Jul 1, 2017
This week's updates include:
  • General:
    • Internal communication system updates and fixes to improve the reliability of parties as well as the social system and other aspects of the server
    • Region player count checks fixed
    • Most servers can now handle up to 60 players
    • AI-based chat filter checks slightly loosened
    • 2nd AP proxy server installed
    • 2nd US proxy server installed
    • Anticheat fixes & improvements
    • 1.16 support improvements
  • Bedwars:
    • Stackable items purchased through the Bedwars chest UI shop version can now be stacked even if you pick it up
    • Enchantments/durability bug with Bedwars items fixed
    • Chest UI upgrader now plays sounds when you purchase an upgrade (similar to the chest shop)
    • Various issues with low FPS mode in-game patched
  • Murder Mystery:
    • Minor detective/murderer chance fixes

Our entire team work hard to bring new updates every week to our network to make the best possible experience for our players.
Thank you to any players who have reported bugs or issues! If you do see a bug, please report it to us - ngmc.co/lc or to #bugs on our Discord server - ngmc.co/d


Important announcements this week:
  • We are discouraging the use of #support channel on our Discord server to report offenders to staff members - it is detracting from the main purpose of the channel which is for staff members to provide assistance to players who require it. Please use the /report command in-game instead, or even better, collect evidence and submit it to #report
  • Using inappropriate nicknames or pet names, especially to disrespect other players, is not allowed. All names used are logged and warnings will be issued if you abuse this feature
  • If you find a bug or issue that you want to report to us, but it has already been posted in #bugs on Discord, please do not post it again - all it does is clog up the channel and make it harder for us to track which issues are high priority, have been fixed, need to be confirmed, etc.

Bloc Nytro

New Member
Jun 2, 2020
Can you update the problem with the lag it ruins the experience of the server alot of the time

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Reactions: Plasmapvper


New Member
Jun 27, 2020
Hi I'm here for a request justrandom player but for the server pls wacth bedwars games cause a lot of hackers in the bedwars this is why we need a staff watch game or play like normal player


New Member
Jun 27, 2020
I try reporting and he disconnect we lose he don't get ban



Jun 17, 2020
Because you just joined the forums. if you see any hackers in-game please use /report to report them. It helps us catch them faster and improve player experience and overall server safety
sometimes you dont have time to report or else they well kill u

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