21st August 2017

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Jul 1, 2017
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This week's updates include:
- Updated Trainee, Builder & Youtube application format
- Added new guides to each game-mode
- New Mega Creative lobby on the Creative server
- Minor lag fixes
- Some words from the chat-filter has been removed

Found a word that shouldn't be in the chat filter?
If you have, make sure you report it at nethergames.org/support so we can get rid of it :)

Bug reporting notice (Bedwars & Murder Mystery):
If you see a bug, please report it to nethergames.org/support with the build number (found using /bw info or /mm info)

Our Executive Team work hard every day to bring you an enjoyable server to play on.
Thank you to any players who have reported bugs or issues, if you do see a bug please report it - www.nethergames.org/support

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