18th September 2017

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Jul 1, 2017
This week's updates include:
- Fixed minor bugs in Murder Mystery (new sounds also added!)
- Performance improvements to lobby server, SkyWars & Murder Mystery
- 2 new servers: SkyWars 2 & Murder Mystery 2

New servers load balancer:
We are currently testing a load balancer to distribute players evenly among SkyWars and Murder Mystery after our two new servers were released to allow more players to play. This may slightly increase lag and downtime on the lobby server. Sorry for any inconvienience caused.

24 hour Voter rank:
Please be advised that we will be trialling 24 hour Voter ranks during the 1.2 (Better Together) update and we'll let you know when the trial begins. This means that your Voter ranks will expire within 24 hours of claiming it - meaning you'll need to vote every day you want your Voter rank. Players with VIP ranks get instant access to Mega Creative without voting.

Bug reporting notice (Bedwars & Murder Mystery):

If you see a bug, please report it to nethergames.org/support with the build number (found using /bw info or /mm info)

Our Executive Team work hard every day to bring you an enjoyable server to play on.
Thank you to any players who have reported bugs or issues, if you do see a bug please report it - www.nethergames.org/support

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