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  1. hardcriminals

    murder mystery turnament

    everyone i am hosting a murdermystery turnament 150 people will be able to join this will be the decider enter your name below you must have decent stats and must acually be good enter your ign below with the best players and it will decide the best mm player
  2. hardcriminals

    add this thing lollll

    add this thing lollll you know how when your fighting someone in duels two v one and your owning that guy but oh wait a second im getting cleaned by his teamate well nethergames should make it so that you cant clean people because it is super annoying
  3. hardcriminals

    guide to items spawners books how much their worth for real

    the guide for items first item which is pretty popular gsets aka god sets is worth 6mil each sometimes 8mil many ppl say its worth 2 mil for no apparent reason next thing is iron golem spawners is worth 1.2mil in total thanks to a bunch of bozos many people actually beleive it is worth 200k but...
  4. hardcriminals

    the three worst ways to get scammed the actual guide

    first kids if you dont wanna get scammed here are the worst ways to get scammed for real 1 trading most people consider trading as the best update since applepie well my friends. its the worst way to get scammed like come on oldest trick in the book all you have to do is switch the item the...
  5. hardcriminals

    i have a queston

    what is one -plus one ppl i cant find out this ridiculously hard queston
  6. hardcriminals

    minecraft prisons

    minecraft prisons add minecraft prisons to the game where u have to pay 1dolar and fifty cents a month a mining game like the one in lifeboat and also add a pvp arena to it because who doesent love a pvp arena
  7. hardcriminals

    the most funniest ideal ever

    the most funniest ideal ever this is my ideal so we add a game called one in the chamber and put it on nethergames because no server has it on bedrock and it will be a good chance it could bring in some more players let me explain one in the chamber it will be a game where everyone gets one...
  8. hardcriminals

    this update has to happen

    this update has to happen first of all maybe they could make it so you can wear your custom skin like come on dude i cant wear mine why cant you wear your custom made skin
  9. hardcriminals

    1mil giveaway i will pick a random player

    first comment ur ign and i will chose a random player if ur new to skyblock ull have a better chance of getting it everyone accept unverse satry i hate that guy
  10. hardcriminals

    a super epic ideal

    a super epic ideal bassiacally you canwatch someone if you tap on their name you can watch em on the server so if someone griefed you you can get revenge bye just going on their server and next add a server menu so you can pick which server you want to go on
  11. hardcriminals

    bring this in and it should help the sever

    bring this in and it should help the sever remmeber how in skyblock that if you delete ur is its gone well maybe your little brother did that so make so you can get it back any time or sell it for money. bye hardcriminals ur favorite person
  12. hardcriminals

    addthis because its right

    addthis because its right you know some of the rules on ng stink like first you get banned for cursing nethergames the reason why other servers dont make it bannable is because its not a big deal the only decent rules are getting banned for hacking or disrespecting staff orbugabusing ok so...
  13. hardcriminals

    addddddd this lol

    addddddd this lol speedrun basically they add it and you can pick diffrent gamemodes you are timed on how fast you can beat the game you can choose the version to 1.14 to 1.16 also the gamemodes i would recommend is manhunt 2v1 or 1v1 and 3v1 and hitmen and deathswap pls add lol
  14. hardcriminals

    may quit

    jk april fools
  15. hardcriminals

    should i

    should i give one of you a free ig spawner or should i just go back to bed lol
  16. hardcriminals

    whyed u add this

    im asking because no one likes it and a waste of reacources creative stinks they should probably take it out and add something useful
  17. hardcriminals

    the truth about blockwars

    the thing about blockwars is that it doesent take any real skill to do so bassically all u have to do is get a pc or controller then your a pro they should make it so controller players cant be in mobile games
  18. hardcriminals

    greifing support

    if u were griefed bye someone i will restore ur stuff up to 200k or scammed but send me a screeny of the griefer or scammer or show me prove pls note i wont help u if ur a griefer nor scammer since staff and the owners wont help ppl when griefed someones gotta help from hardcriminals the...
  19. hardcriminals

    add this againagain

    add this againagain in skyblock add potions brewing and blaze rods in the shop
  20. hardcriminals

    steematic suggestion

    steematic suggestion this suggestion is add this lol make griefing and scamming bannable becuase you make hacking bannable and bug abusing but not those things it would be good becuase ppl like those guys ruin the game lol

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