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  1. TobiasDev

    @Gamerlo123 You can buy it here

    @Gamerlo123 You can buy it here
  2. TobiasDev

    MAJOR IDEA's executives please read

    I need to agree. This is entirely impossible. If we were ever to switch server softwares, then to a high-performance bedrock-specific server software because using a JE server software with geyser creates a massive overhead in servers for us, and right now, the whole NetherGames Network is...
  3. TobiasDev

    How NetherGames could become a haven for MCPE players.

    Also, you picture it as if it would be a general mobile problem. Might I remind everyone that @CarlottaCGG was first on the leaderboards for quite some time while playing on an iPad? We are already having 2k players, we hit 2.3k just yesterday
  4. TobiasDev

    How NetherGames could become a haven for MCPE players.

    we can't really moderate that stuff unluckily because for example cheaters have an easy way to disguise it
  5. TobiasDev

    What do you think?

    Hello everyone, this is a very general question. I do not wish to see any discussions below here, I just want to know, what would be the things you believe would benefit the NetherGames experience the most at the moment? Is there one specific bug that is extremely annoying? Is there a feature...
  6. TobiasDev

    To make a command that lets you know what more are online

    This command has no use in my opinion, it will rather be abused by people. There is the /report command for a reason, and that's basically all people need to do. I don't see much of a difference between "Driesboy is hacking in sb" and simply reporting him
  7. TobiasDev

    End of the Skyblock Downtime

    Already fixed as well :)
  8. TobiasDev


  9. TobiasDev

    How do devs team code NG?

    Well, this is obviously a bit difficult to explain because there are many parts of it. If you are interested in reading a bit on how some of our internal infrastructures work, you should check out our DevBlogs here on the forum. About general programming, usually each developer is working on one...
  10. TobiasDev

    End of the Skyblock Downtime

    Hello NetherGames Players, following up our statement about the SkyBlock downtime that was made a couple days ago, we can now happily announce that the server is back on, including SkyBlock. Now many have asked what the issue we were resolving has been, and I'll shed some light on this. The...
  11. TobiasDev

    Current Skyblock Situation

    Hello NetherGames Community! as many of you have already noticed, at the current moment, SkyBlock is offline. This post is to inform you of the broad reasoning behind this and maybe understand what is happening right now. A couple days ago, a user reported a bug in the network's infrastructure...
  12. TobiasDev

    I found an anti cheat??.

    We do not use any plugins not developed by us.
  13. TobiasDev


  14. TobiasDev

    Add Star Levels For The Mini-games/game modes Like Hypixel

    Oh yea I need to agree. Thats why I'm replying to your posts exclusively :P
  15. TobiasDev

    Add Star Levels For The Mini-games/game modes Like Hypixel

    That would been that we have to increase the fireball knockback by a good amount. I'm not sure if that's for anyone's benefit as you can boost someone to heaven with that.
  16. TobiasDev

    What staff member do ya like

    Ah if I'm in there i need to become more strict lmao
  17. TobiasDev

    Fix Healpool.

    Before the patch when you were in your homebase with a good level of armor you were almost unkillable. @mat345st and I collected lots of experience while playing, and one of them was that that was way overpowered
  18. TobiasDev

    What staff member do ya like

    I'd definitely put Dries in there
  19. TobiasDev

    I want to very complain


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