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  1. LandinoHahaa

    guild name change suggestion/idea

    so, currently the guild i'm apart of is in a bit of a predicament. we just merged with another guild and this led to some complications, most notably the fact that we cannot change the guild name to what we'd like it to be changed to. my suggestion is to add a "change guild name" option in...
  2. LandinoHahaa

    i love factions!

    glad they added a factions thread, excited to share / view some awesome experiences! aaaaaanyways, yay! glad to see factions getting some recognition (joking, of course)
  3. LandinoHahaa

    possible faction & duel forums chat?

    y u no ad facshuns & dools chat, keithos? just want to say the beginning was totally banter, but in all actuality, i know this is sort of a lame suggestion, but i would really enjoy a forums chat for both factions & duels - nobody else? they're my favorite game modes and this is discrimination...
  4. LandinoHahaa

    goodbye (legitimately)

    whether you disliked me or not, i was recently banned on the discord server, and theres nothing i can really do to fix the situation. i truly enjoyed nethergames but it's difficult not to be upset at other people in this situation. therefore, i have decided to move on to other things. thank you...
  5. LandinoHahaa

    Regarding my resignation as well as other recent events

    Heyo! As many of you may know, I recently resigned as an Admin- this was a difficult decision for me, especially considering the fact that I truly did enjoy my time at Nethergames during the span of time I was on the network; however, I am going to be enrolling into online school sometime within...