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  1. DJ1eye28


    I'm really really bored right now. Do you want me to do a kahoot stream?
  2. DJ1eye28

    The reason for my new discord name..

    Hello!, as some of you might of seen, I have changed my discord name from DJ1eye28 to DJ1eye28-DM's Closed.. forever. This is the reason why.. Almost every day I get dms from people asking if they can rec or play with me. Now, I've been letting this happen for months now and today is the day...
  3. DJ1eye28

    I enjoyed being staff..

    I really enjoyed being staff here on NetherGanes, but school started for me today, and its going to mess everything up... I'll see how this week goes and everything, but if I get overwhelmed with school and work, I'm going to have to resign. If this happens, I will reapply next summer. I'll see...
  4. DJ1eye28

    Video ideas?

    I have ran out of video ideas for my YouTube channel. Please suggest some video ideas, for me to think about and I might do it. If its a good idea I will shout you out. Make sure its NetherGames content only though!
  5. DJ1eye28

    Today is my bday but..

    I still have school.. Rip but I am now 16!
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    Tommrow I start my finals.. O-O Monday we get off Tuesday I do my finals and same for Wesnday and Thursday then Boom done with school! Wish me luck? If not okay.. :/ Yea
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    The #forums is working again thanks Keith!
  8. DJ1eye28

    I got Trainee

    If you guys don't know already, I am now a trainee! It doesn't ssy on here yet but it will soon! I am glad to be apart of the staff team! -DJ
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    Hey what's up how's your day going..
  10. DJ1eye28

    Good idea?

    I asked for video ideas and I got this is this a good idea?? Lol
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    After months I have finally got platinum (I would if gotten it eailer if I didint break my pc lol)
  12. DJ1eye28

    Doing a top 5 pe and win10 players kills in sw

    Please send your clips of killing people in sw or somthing similar to that. My discord tag is DJ1eye28#7017 I will feature your clip in the video and I will give you a shout if you send in good clips. Thank you!
  13. DJ1eye28

    Am I a hacker

    Awnser wisley
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  15. DJ1eye28

    Rank giveaway

    I'm close to 180 subs (at 178) should I do a rank giveaway?
  16. DJ1eye28

    Do it

    Kris said only hackers use the forms I'm using it rn so I would like a 30 day ban ok thanks
  17. DJ1eye28

    Another STAAR test on Tuseday YAY

    Yay! This time it's reading. Hopefully I'll get a 80 or better like I did on my math. Just 1 thing I hope not to fail if so then rip.
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    I just quit YouTube now I will quit mc thanks for everyone who was nice to me. I really enjoyed NetherGames. Thanks for the awesome community cya. I will still be on discord if you want to contact me just dm me. DJ1eye28#7017 Bye I'm serious Jk..
  19. DJ1eye28

    Big test tmr

    Tomorrow I have a 53 question math test wish me luck?! Thanks spam f
  20. DJ1eye28

    Best Bedwars kills ever

    Yesterday, I got 80+ kills in bedwars just by farming it sucks that you only get 3xp tho lol rip.