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  1. Callum

    Major Update

    Just today we've released a major update to NetherGames. A revamp everyone has been waiting for is finally here. A full list of changes below. Huge thanks to Dries and the developer team for all the hard work they have done in the past few months to bring this out. Tiers We've finally reset the...
  2. Callum

    August 2020 Community Announcement

    Statement from the Executive Team 20th August 2020 It has come to our attention that in recent times, there has been a lot of misconceptions circulating around regarding the staff team and the operations of the network. We'd like to take a moment to set the record straight...
  3. Callum

    4th May 2020

    This week's updates include: General Improved knockback usage Disabled chat colours while hiding a rank or using a nickname Kit selection bug fixes Bedwars Reduced blast damage Duels Fixed win steaks not clearing Fixed arenas not queuing 5 seconds before the match Fixed bow hits on...
  4. Callum

    13th April 2020

    This week's updates include: General Exclusive Easter egg hunt inside the lobby throughout the Easter long weekend Improved Low FPS mode integration across our network Proxy servers to use fewer resources and improve the game experience More game servers brought out across the Europe region...
  5. Callum

    12th September 2018

    This week's updates include: - Improved performance of Murder Mystery games. - Remodernized all Murder Mystery maps, with correct blocks. - Fixed some Murder Mystery bugs. - Added features on some Murder Mystery maps: Library: You can buy potions on cauldrons for 1 gold ingot. Archives: You can...
  6. Callum

    20th November 2017

    This week's updates include: - Updated navbar links - Fixed several issues with connecting to the Creative server - Minor improvements to fix lag - Fixed parties transferring issues - All websites now using CDN assets and new favicon (NG logo) Trailer Competition: Our...
  7. Callum

    30th October 2017

    This week's updates include: - New Halloween lobby released - check it out now on - Fixed trapped at spawn issue on all servers - Arcade lobby NPC fixed - Players with spaces in their username are now transferred correctly through NPCs - Players with spaces in their username...
  8. Callum

    2nd October 2017

    This week's updates include: - New “Parties” channel on Discord ( - New SW plugin - introducing Team SkyWars! - You can now friend players through Xbox Live by clicking on their name in the player list (pause menu) - Parties broken up after being transferred between...
  9. Callum

    25th September 2017

    This week's updates include: - All servers updated to 1.2 - Bug fixes pushed to all servers - New 1.2 GUIs (New report system, party manager & profile editor, etc.) - New pets have been added - Several updates to discord server Bug reporting notice (Bedwars & Murder Mystery): If you see a bug...
  10. Callum

    21st August 2017

    This week's updates include: - Updated Trainee, Builder & Youtube application format - Added new guides to each game-mode - New Mega Creative lobby on the Creative server - Minor lag fixes - Some words from the chat-filter has been removed Found a word that shouldn't be in the chat filter? If...
  11. Callum

    Guide How to play Murder Mystery

    How to play Murder Mystery When you Murder Mystery after the starting timer has finished 2 players will be randomly selected, one as the murder and one as the detective. Murders Goal If you are selected as the murderer, after 20 seconds you will be given a sword which you can then kill players...
  12. Callum

    Hiring Builders

    Hello everyone, In case you didn't know, builder applications are open. We are looking for very talented builders who can work for up to 8 hours a week. We are only asking for the top builders, don't waste your time applying if you have made a plain house with plain walls and a staircase roof...
  13. Callum

    Welcome back old staff!

    Any staff who have resigned because of the new document, don't worry, now any current staff don't have to sign it. Please message Keith to be hired back. If you are still staff and you haven't signed the document yet, please read the new thread in the staff area.
  14. Callum

    7th August 2017

    This week's updates include: - July plot contest has ended and a new contest has started. - Party invite Issues have been fixed. - New Bedwars arena has been added. - Minor Bedwars bug fixes. - Added /bw info to check the bedwars version. Our Executive Team work hard every day to bring you an...
  15. Callum

    New Arcade Games

    So, we've been wondering what new arcade games you guys want to be added? Arcade games should only be small, not too big games like hunger games or bedwars
  16. Callum

    17th July 2017

    This weeks updates include: - Creative Contest Board has been added back. - New store has been released - - New Bedwars maps have been added. - Any new posts in the Forum Games area no longer count as posts - Legend players now have /vanish, and Emerald+ players now have...
  17. Callum

    Claiming your new forums rank.

    Hello everyone. This thread is directed to staff, if your a regular player, don't worry! Staff, please go to our old forums and read my latest post in the staff area. That will explain how to get your rank here.

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