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  1. bmopoptart

    I’m bored...

    I wanna see how many replies this thread wil get.
  2. bmopoptart

    Discord Nitro Classic code givaway!!! Get it while its hot!!

    I will be giving out a free $10 nito code to one lucky person who replies to this thread! :D Good Luck :P
  3. bmopoptart

    Goodbye bmo

    I'm not that kind of person who would tell stories. If I start, when will i finish? Lol. I know I've been staff on NetherGames since one year ago today. Fast forward to today, A lot has happened, just this one day. Well, since recently you may have noticed that I've been not as active as before...
  4. bmopoptart

    What's your age? (sadly i can't find the emojis) ;-;

    React with: :+1 - 13 Love - 14 Haha - 15 :wow: - 16 :( - 17 :mad: - 18+
  5. bmopoptart

    Would you rather v2.0

    No comments, just answer :D
  6. bmopoptart

    Would you rather...

    Live in a homeless shelter with internet access or Live in an amazing home isolated from any outside contact
  7. bmopoptart

    Never have i ever...

    Played minecraft at 3am
  8. bmopoptart

    Would you rather...

    Live without the internet or live without AC and heating?
  9. bmopoptart

    Cats or Dogs or other...

    I like cats so...yeah...
  10. bmopoptart

    Do you guys like the new Murder Mystery update?

    Because I surely do.
  11. bmopoptart

    The site isn't 100% restored...I think...

    I just don't know...
  12. bmopoptart

    Fix this glitch please...

    A pleasant good morning to the Nether Games Community. Since the other day, I have been playing murder mystery and on this particular map, Headquarters, some players are familiar with a certain glitch. This is where players can be glitched outside of the map by closing a trapdoor upon themselves...