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  1. Keith

    Friends & Stats Update

    Hello everyone! We're excited to announce two big new updates to NetherGames today - the long-awaited friends feature and an update to leaderboards and stats! You can utilise the new Friends feature in the Social Menu - the item in the 2nd last slot of your hotbar while you're in the lobby...
  2. Keith

    hla 3rb - TOP FRAG TINGZ

  3. Keith

    Discord Nitro Classic code givaway!!! Get it while its hot!!

    "classic" in the title was a mistake keithos#0001 :)
  4. Keith

    #forums is working look

    #forums is working look
  5. Keith

    Tiers reset & update

    Hello everyone, 6 months ago, our tiers system was released. Upon releasing tiers, we warned that tiers would be reset at the end of the tier period (6 months). That time has now come! All players have now been reset back to 0 credits. Due to an error with the tier reset processing system...
  6. Keith

    New YT/YouTube rank application system

    Hello everyone! We're excited to be unveiling a new application system for the YT and YouTube rank! This new system simplifies the process greatly - in fact, all you have to do is login with your YouTube account! You'll need to be able to login to our account portal...
  7. Keith

    New proxy system

    Hey everyone! You may have noticed that over the past few hours that some of our servers have been either laggy or randomly restarting, resulting in an unpleasant experience. We know that this is frustrating, but we can assure you that it's all worth it! Today, we're happy to announce our new...
  8. Keith

    15th April 2019

    This week's updates include: General Improvements to the chat filter Better server closing mechanism Added chat cooldown Fixes for pet nametags Removed old Arcade server commands Murder Mystery The San Peratico map has been updated Top level of the Archives map has been opened Survivors now...
  9. Keith

    12th April 2019

    This week's updates include: The "Party Manager" menu has been redesigned into the "Social Menu", which boasts more features than the old UI - including the ability to promote other players to the party host position. You can also quickly invite players by hitting them while holding the social...
  10. Keith

    HappyBedrock Merger FAQ

    Hello! If you're reading this post, it's most likely you have a question about the NetherGames + HappyBedrock merger. That's okay - we're here to (hopefully) answer some of your questions. Here are a few of the questions the community has asked us the most, and the answers to them! I have a...
  11. Keith

    glad you liked it lol

    glad you liked it lol
  12. Keith

    Price changes for store products

    Hello NetherGames players! Starting January 4th (after our Christmas/New Years Sale), rank prices will be adjusted as follows: - Ultra Rank: $10 - Emerald Rank: $15 - Legend Rank: $20 - Ultra to Emerald Upgrade: $10 - Ultra to Legend Upgrade: $15 - Emerald to Legend Upgrade: $10 The following...
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  14. Keith

    Weekly Competition

    Hello NetherGames players, We're happy to be announcing a new Weekly Competition! The competition works in a fairly simple way - play as much as you can throughout the week (weeks start on Sunday) and try to win as many of your games as possible! The player who, at the end of the week, has the...
  15. Keith

    Archive application

    Your plot has been archived as requested, enjoy!
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  17. Keith

    4th Rank did exist.... But now its gone!

    Citation needed - it was between Ultra and Emerald, then removed later. Ultra players got Bedrock permissions and Bedrock players were moved to Ultra.
  18. Keith

    Teamers In Skywars

    Interesting observations - however with the new rules in place, we make it easier for players to report players teaming - no more video evidence required for player support involved in such activity. As for the decrease in players on the Team SkyWars server, I haven’t checked the stats myself...
  19. Keith

    Free constant rank

    Unless you wish to buy 5 Legend ranks, you don’t need to pay $150 (unless $150 in your currency is equivalent to $30 USD of course). In addition to this, if the rank is “stupid” as you called it, why do you want it?
  20. Keith

    Free constant rank

    The whole point of charging our players for VIP ranks is so we can use the profits generated from selling these products to pay cost as associated with running our Minecraft servers and other services like the forums, stats engine, user databases, etc. Allowing players to get these products for...