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  1. ToastyLeggings


    yeah yeah, quitting quitting. Goodbye friends, best friends and people I hate. :) it’s time, and it’s for real.
  2. ToastyLeggings

    Bugs in MM

    ok so I just got on Murdermystery to test it out and I have found some small bugs. 1. There's a hole in the map, idk if it's meant to be there. But once u fall down u can't get back up 2. It says minutes, instead of seconds for the time.
  3. ToastyLeggings

    Making skins!

    Hey so I've been really bored lately, plus it's the holidays where I live SOOOOOOOooooo. I'm taking in skin requests! Just send me a picture on here and I can make a skin out of it! Here's my profile pic as a skin btw! :3