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    Parkour in lobby

    So I am trying to get presents for the present hunt and I have 4 remaining. I know there is some on the parkour, but idk how many. Probably one at the end. I feel like the parkour is way too difficult. It may not be for pc players but for people like me trying to do parkour on an iphone, you...
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    How do i make a poll in a tread?
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    Skyblock Challenges

    Will there be more challenges to be added?
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    For some reason I can’t put down signs. It’s for my mob farm. I also can’t craft hoppers. Is that a big or is this intentional?
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    Skyblock questions

    1. How do you get keys? 2. (I might discover this myself) How do you select what mob spawner type you want? 3. How do you get diamonds without having to interact with other players or through the auctions? 4. What is the best way to farm money? 5. How do you get the red mushrooms? 6. Is it...
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    Please debuff mobs

    Silverfish and iron golems are insanely fast and move all over the place. Please debuff them