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  1. itsfin4391

    Skyblock: Spawner Guide

    Spawner: Levels Level 1 - Chicken Level 2 - Rabbits Level 3 - Cows Level 4 - Mooshroom Level 5 - Pigs Level 6 - Zombie Level 7 - Spider Level 8 - Skeletons Level 9 - Iron Golems Spawner: Upgrades Upgrade Level - Upgrades the spawner to the next level, the spawner will stop producing the...
  2. itsfin4391

    How Do I report a Bug?

    1. Join the NetherGames Discord ( 2. Locate the #bugs channel and read through pinned messages (The "Pin" symbol located at the top right of your screen) 3. Enter your message into the channel, please only stick to One message Notes: - Your message will be deleted at first and...
  3. itsfin4391

    The importance of reporting

    We appreciate it when people use /report (in-game) and #report (on our Discord Server) Remember, everytime you report someone a Staff member will check it out, reports help us to find rule breakers and give them the punishment/s they deserve! How many people do you already report weekly...