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  1. Huy Enter

    The new and updated beautiful bedwars guide, guaranteed for 100% winrate [REAL] [NOT CLICKBAIT] [3AM] [EXPOSED] [COPS CALLED] [WORKING AUGUST 2022]

    For everyone haven't seen this thread, this is actually clickbait topic as it's supposed to be. For anyone have already reviewed this thread, well bad luck for you to spend your time to read this. I'll close this thread for now for maintain friendly and helpful topic.
  2. Huy Enter

    Recent updates: 26th - 3rd

    If you believe your banned is unjustified, you can appeal for it at .
  3. Huy Enter

    Scamming In Skyblock

    Ok. I'l lock this thread for now. Nobody else is discussing about the topic anymore.
  4. Huy Enter

    There's no username like that on our database

    There's no username like that on our database
  5. Huy Enter

    when will factions open

    For any player who still confusing. I'll make a note here: + There's NO exactly time when Faction will be backed online. + We won't shutdown Faction permanently. + We have already planned to make it backed online. However, a storage issue in Faction prevent us from doing that. Please stop...
  6. Huy Enter

    You can contact our Live Chat Support ( for that.

    You can contact our Live Chat Support ( for that.
  7. Huy Enter


    All Punishment required valid evidence before issued. So if you don't attach evidence or your evidence isn't enough to prove that they're breaking our rules. That report will be denied. It does forward to our staff team.
  8. Huy Enter

    CPS Limit

    Touch Control Queue doesn't work in Faction and Skyblock, which would break the game more if CPS limit was increased.
  9. Huy Enter

    Just changed my username and my stats got reset

    This thread already outdated. Currently we already used XUID save system so when you change your username. Your stats no longer lost anymore.
  10. Huy Enter

    Dear Staff

    I have already read all messages above. I want to clearly few things: 1/ We punish offender and online moderate on our server everyday. However, we can't online 24/24 hours because we also have in real life as well and we can't ban all 100% hackers on our server. This hacker gone, another one...
  11. Huy Enter

    Rebuilding the entire Infrastructure

    No. That's another things.
  12. Huy Enter

    Rebuilding the entire Infrastructure

    Wow. So that could explain a little bit about updating our server procedure and it make time required for updating the server more shortened and make it more easier to do so. Impressive. That could be a huge achievement for Developer Team. Hope we will have more cool Developer product to reduce...
  13. Huy Enter


    What happen if I get banned from NetherGames Forums and want to appeal? Is there a way for me to do that? If you previously get banned on our Forums and want to appeal, you can contact our Live Chat Support ( to appeal for our Forums Ban.
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    Getting unfair ban or mute? You can appeal through link below: (Ban Appeal) if you get false ban in game. (Mute Appeal) if you get false mute in game. (Warning Dispute) if you get warned in game and the punishment have already expired...
  15. Huy Enter

    ign : ItzNotIwan

    Voter rank had been discontinued 2 years ago so you are no longer can receive it anymore.
  16. Huy Enter

    If your appeal have been denied, sadly you will have to wait for your Punishment expired. The...

    If your appeal have been denied, sadly you will have to wait for your Punishment expired. The second chance appeal won't work (You have already known that before filling in Appeal & Disputes Forms). However, you can contact about all questions for you appeal problems.
  17. Huy Enter

    Biggest Scammer

    I hava already made a thread about Skyblock scamming before. You can read this thread bellow as a preference.
  18. Huy Enter

    CPS Limit

    Ok. For everyone still sad why their is Touch Control Queue but we still keep 15 CPS. Reason actually very simple: Touch Control Queue doesn't work on Faction and Skyblock. Also player still want to PvP with PC player but they can't if player clicking more than 15 CPS. And actually 15 CPS...
  19. Huy Enter

    Can someone tell me which link leads to the link where you vertify your account with your discord?

    You can sync your VIP Rank into our Discord server by going to and choose option "Sync Discord Ranks".