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  1. NeulingGames

    Rebuilt the old crate table

    From a few old screenshots I had, I rebuilt the old crate table thing at the right of spawn in the old lobby map. I liked the new crate as well, and I'm glad to see NG applying 3D models to the network, but this one still brings me the old vibes
  2. NeulingGames

    All Available Bedwars Maps (Prior April Map Update to June 16th 2022)

    Solos/Doubles Aquaduct Atlantis Candyland Castaway Catamaran Celestial Fallen Fastfood Futuristic Geometry Indian Industrial Library Lighthouse Mercuria Nest Oblivion Pandora Perished Pyramid Seek Stonehenge Utopia Ukiyo Wilderness Wildwest Squads Atlantis Castaway...
  3. NeulingGames

    Chest UI for Cosmetics

    So I've been gone for some time, playing on some other servers, survival minecraft, and other games over steam, and only a few days ago I saw Chr7st and his new video talking about an update for NetherGames over the horizon. When I heard about this, I was pretty excited about it. My 1 year...
  4. NeulingGames

    Bedwars Item Idea-- Swordsmen's Sigil

    So the other day I was thinking of ideas of some fun bedwars items that would bring new playstyles to the game, and I just thought of this one. Swordsmen's Sigil -- 2 Emeralds / 4 Emeralds (Solo+Duos/Squads) This relic of power was once embraced by the legendary swordsmen that had won...
  5. NeulingGames

    I built a base for a bedwars map that I'm working on

    So I've been thinking of building a bedwars map for a while now, mainly to just practice on my own, but I had the idea of posting my current progress for the forums to see. This is the base of the map. Close Up View Far View Generator View (Inside the tent) Scenery Shots Let me...
  6. NeulingGames

    Team-based minigames' matchmaking

    I've been playing NetherGames for a decent while now, in fact, I just got to level 100 yesterday. But on my way there, I have seen some unhealthy patterns in the matchmaking, two of them in particular that made the climb harder than it seems. Tobias had just posted an update about his new goals...
  7. NeulingGames

    A new playstyle of bedwars- Bedwars reimagined and new ways to play it

    Good Morning! It is me, NeulingGames, back with another thread with my new ideas. Bedwars was one of the oldest, the most classic, and the most popular minigame on NetherGames and pretty much everywhere else. I still enjoy this game, exploding beds into oblivion, cutting down dream stans one...
  8. NeulingGames

    What is your bedwars playstyle?

  9. NeulingGames

    My issues with NetherGames and some ideas for server improvement

    Hello to the 7 people who will see this, my name is NeulingGames (Yes, very coincidental with the server's title, I came up with it before being aware that NG exists lol). I really enjoy playing on the NetherGames Network and play all the great minigames that developers has blessed us. But as...