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  1. Huy Enter

    Experience and everything you should know about Report Division

    Preface It had been a long time since I'm taking this Mod Division - Report Division. So I come to decision to let's player know more detail about this Mod Division. What's Report Division? It's one of Mod Divisions which have responsibility to handle player report in Discord (#report channel)...
  2. Huy Enter

    NetherGames hit record 3,000 players

    Our server already hitted 3,000 players record yesterday, we sincerely thanks all player for supporting, choose to play on our server. Have a nice day to all players. :party: :party: Sincerely, Huy Enter Mod, Reports Division, Skyblock Taskforce, Beta Tester
  3. Huy Enter

    Scamming In Skyblock

    Preface First of all, I need to notify that this thread isn't telling or helping about how to scam in Skyblock. Instead it's supposed to help player what's scamming, how player will scam to another players and how to prevent it so you can't get scam in Skyblock. Due to a lot of player become...
  4. Huy Enter

    My experience about NetherGames

    It have been a long time since I join NetherGames, and finally I became Staff to help everyone in our server more better. Although we have a lot of funny moments , memes,... We also have sad time when someone in our server (not only Staff) permanently or temporarily leave. I am really grateful...