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    [YOUTUBE] NetherGames: Duels | COMBO IS MUCH BETTER

    I know I'm 4 days late on posting it here, but better do later or never.
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    What are Cicadas (In a Nutshell)?

    Cicadas, they're bugs that come out every 17 years. Most of you kids don't know about their existence because you weren't born yet. The last time they were out was when I was when I was 4 and now I'm 20, boom, big age reveal. I'm 20 years old and 9/11 was an inside job. Anyways, Cicadas aren't a...
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    [YOUTUBE] NetherGames | BedWars but with Bleeps

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    [YOUTUBE] NetherGames | BedWars Commentary: I'M BACK

    Sorry if I hadn't been uploading for 1 or 2 weeks. My headset broke and I couldn't get good audio because of them. BUT NOW I'M BACK SO ENJOY THE VIDEO.
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    [YOUTUBE] NetherGames | My Quickest BedWars with a Full Game

    Comment down below this thread if you know the music I used in the video. I'm sure you all know.
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    [YOUTUBE] NetherGames | The Bridge: Alot of Disconnections

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    [YOUTUBE] NetherGames | The Bridge: NEW GAMEMODE

    One of the testers who tested this said that The Bridge counts as duel statistics so I'll be uploading content of it here until they make a forum section for it.
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    [YOUTUBE] NetherGames | Skywars: w/Jofo and Cherexxy

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    [Youtube] NetherGames but it's Skyblock with Friends

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    [YOUTUBE] Minecraft NGBW #5: w/Jofo

    Enjoy the video!
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    [YOUTUBE] 50 Sub BW Montage | Life Is A Blessing

    For the people who've subscribed and watched my previous bw videos thank you so much for your support. To most people, this milestone means nothing to them. To me, it means a lot. I love all of you and I hope to see you in the next video.
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    [YOUTUBE] NetherGames | Bedwars with Jofo

    Enjoy the video I worked easy on it
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    [YOUTUBE] Murder Mystery in a NUTSHELL!

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    [YOUTUBE] NetherGames | Sweaty Saturday with the Guild (Sweaty Boi) Wins & Fails

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    [YOUTUBE] Minecraft | NetherGames Bedwars but I talk insanely...

    What the fudge was I going on about??