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  1. Grindelwald4585

    Is demon client allowed on ng???

    Is demon client allowed on ng???
  2. Grindelwald4585

    I was scammed!!!

    Why is it that the "batguy" kit gives you a stack of snowballs and a shovel and nothing else???? It said in the kit description that it was supposed to give some armor blindness potions etc, etc. PS Can someone tell me which kit gives to grappling hook? Cheers! have a good day...
  3. Grindelwald4585

    How to deal with [email protected]

    Instead of banning them, how about just setting their spawn in a cage in the lobby? This, in my opinion, is way more humiliating than just being banned. on top of that let people come and throw snowballs/eggs into the [email protected] cage to add insult to injury? From there we can keep going forever...
  4. Grindelwald4585

    A weird tactic on The Nexus BW map

    So you guys might or might not be familiar with the nexus map, among the list of the new ones it is an epitome-NG's staff have really outdone themselves with this one. Anyway, niceties aside, I would like to show you a very odd tactic which might be used on Nexus: When you spawn in you are...
  5. Grindelwald4585

    An experiment.

    So, I was sitting at home contemplating my existence when I experienced a light bulb: 'What if I posted a message on the NG forums asking people to start typing certain messages in-game, just to see how many people actually pay attention to the forums?' So here I am asking a small favor of this...
  6. Grindelwald4585

    Our appreciation :)

    I think we should be a little more respectful to the NG staff, they are the ones who slave day and night just to keep us satisfied and yet there is no end to the complaints and insults we send their way. If anyone from the NG staff see this message please remember: you are appreciated, we (as...
  7. Grindelwald4585

    The secret of winning bedwars

    Look, I know this sounds like a goofy cartoon... but the secret of Bedwars is teamwork. Here is a simple and indirect way to win Bedwars: When you spawn into the waiting lobby start messaging the rest of your team with encouraging sentences and questions like, "What's the plan people?" If the...