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  1. JetOwenTech10

    Fireplace Guild

    Hi. I'm the owner of the Fireplace guild and I'm looking for new members to join. Guild Stats: (Some of these stats may not be up to date when your looking at this. For the proper stats go to the Fireplace guild stats) Name: Fireplace Tag: Fire (Yellow - might be red soon) Leaderboard Place...
  2. JetOwenTech10

    Command Update

    Command Update /fly [on/off] - lobby only (toggles fly on or off) /freq [on/off] - any place (turns friend requests on or off) /gchat [on/off] - any place (turns guild chat on or off *updated*/hacker [ign reason/leave blank for regular menu] - any place (able to report someone that's in a...
  3. JetOwenTech10

    Guild Chat Update

    Guild Chat Update Look at file e File(s) attached
  4. JetOwenTech10

    Forums Name changing

    Forums Name changing Every 3 months
  5. JetOwenTech10

    Quality of Life Features We NEED

    Quality of Life Features We NEED I'm going to list my ideas that are quite small yet will be very handy. 1. Duels / Skywars Autovote - In minigame preferences, you choose a mode for it to automatically vote when you join. 2. TNT Particles in Bedwars - Red particles above head to show that...
  6. JetOwenTech10

    Join Server Broadcast Message

    Join Server Broadcast Message The join server broadcast message is a bit boring. For those that have it, you should have a selection of what is should say. Ideas: has appeared in the lobby has popped into existence came to look around is now here loves this lobby number finished their match...
  7. JetOwenTech10

    Bring Back Old Level Colours/Colors

    Bring Back Old Level Colours/Colors It's been about a day or so now and I have already met 7 people who hate it and I only logged on to nethergames for 30 mins and most of the time was in games. Like whats the point in it? #revivelevels Please we are ALL begging and praying that this is a...
  8. JetOwenTech10

    Skyblock Stats

    Skyblock Stats On the portal website ( there should be skyblock stats. There is Faction stats but what about skyblock? It should show island size, money and money in bank.
  9. JetOwenTech10

    Join Messages

    Join Messages GUILDS Old: Guild > ItsOwenPlays joined. New: Guild > Leader: ItsOwenPlays joined. Guild > Officer: ItsOwenPlays joined. Guild > Member: ItsOwenPlays joined. FRIENDS Old: Friend > ItsOwenPlays joined. New: Friend > Favourite: ItsOwenPlays joined...
  10. JetOwenTech10

    Friends List Revamp

    Friends List Revamp Favourite Friends: -Spectate Ability -Join Server Ability -Msg Quickly > [text] -Show Top Of List Friends: -Msg Quickly > [text] -Show Bottom Of List -Join Server Ability REASONS: -Makes Organisation Easier -Better Join Messages LIMITS: -No Rank: 5 Favoutites -Ultra...
  11. JetOwenTech10

    New Guild Tag Colors

    New Guild Tag Colors Getting bored of your ild tag color? Maybe there could be more of them. I will use my guild tag as an example. I have used purple, lime, light pink and black but there could be more! File(s) attached
  12. JetOwenTech10

    Updated Bedwars Guide!

    This is my version of @randomperson2's bedwars guide. Start of by fly hacking to the diamond gen and then wait for 3 diamonds. Fly back and purchase dragon buff. Then ask @Driesboy to kick everyone except the afk noob from the game. This should get you quicker wins and you can beat @Chr7st...
  13. JetOwenTech10

    Map Pictures (Bedwars -3 So Far)

    I have made some pictures of maps. Honestly I just want some sort of nick perms so if I could get that if these work that, then that would be highly appreciated! @Keith @Callum
  14. JetOwenTech10


    Commands Can we get some new commands? What if there were commands like /Mute? - /mute (Mute certain chats like global ot guild. Example: /mute guild - /staff (like /msg but to get a member of staff to help) - /how or /tips (shows how to play the game you're playing) - /map (tells you the...
  15. JetOwenTech10

    Kill Phrases

    Kill Phrases Now as you may know, there hasn't been a cosmetic update in over a year now. So I was wondering if there could be custom kill phrases you can get from crates. KILL PHRASE IDEAS (Malay Killing) - [name] was dissolved by [name] - [name] was spotted by [name] - [name] was friends...
  16. JetOwenTech10

    Bring back trios

    Just get enough attention NOW!!!
  17. JetOwenTech10

    Game Modifiers

    I think that if you are in a private game of bedwars then the party owner should be able to set game modifications. This could be extra health, generator upgrades, no fall damage or even the ability to break any block. This could be added because there is already a game on nethergames called UHC...
  18. JetOwenTech10


    This ruined my game
  19. JetOwenTech10

    Guild Tags

    Anyone got any good guild tags for me? It doesn't have to be related with the guild name Foxes.
  20. JetOwenTech10

    Skyblock is sus

    When will it be online ://///