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  1. Myst1cMane

    Teamers in bedwars

    I was grinding bed wars for credits right then i find these nons that are so bad at the game they have to team can u ban them
  2. Myst1cMane

    Mods can you accept my name change

    I wanna change my name and ive been waiting for 2 weeks for it to be accepted now and the reason i want it to be changed is because its my ign
  3. Myst1cMane

    Glitch and new update

    Im not sure if this glitch came with the new update but heres what happened to me:
  4. Myst1cMane

    Anti-cheat situation

    If you've been playing nether games recently then you might've realized their anti-cheat isn't doing so great. Nethergames what are you going to do to fix this? Are you busy fixing it our are you not going to bother at all?