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  1. Elit3charge

    How do i report

    We are sorry to here you are facing these issues but there a few things you can do to help us punish these offenders. You can use /report ingame to report said cheater. If you have evidence you can report them in #report on our discord ( with the format: IGN: Offence: Evidence...
  2. Elit3charge

    Inventory setback

    The link to follow to request a rollback is ->
  3. Elit3charge

    please change the anticheat

    Our anticheat is not perfect and in fact is currently being worked on, if you do come across rule breakers / hackers please use the command /report and report them so we can punish them, or submit evidence and the IGN of the offender in #report in our discord server ( Or...
  4. Elit3charge

    This feature was originally on our website but, due to toxicity between guilds unfortunately, it...

    This feature was originally on our website but, due to toxicity between guilds unfortunately, it was removed.
  5. Elit3charge

    An update on our projects

    These new games are going to be epic can’t wait for them to fully release.
  6. Elit3charge

    What's it like to be a staff member?

    I can definitely agree on this!
  7. Elit3charge

    Final Words

    Really nice meeting you Bold goodluck I’m the future!
  8. Elit3charge


    You can report them here.
  9. Elit3charge

    Plz give free( rank read the message)

    (Voting everyday may give you a chance at ultra rank. Vote here -> and the money winder is announced in or discord (
  10. Elit3charge

    To be honest, this has been a long time coming.

    Sad to see you go Wolf
  11. Elit3charge

    Having server issues

    Our server is currently offline so that may be why aswell.
  12. Elit3charge

    Ng needs a Real (underline real) Antcheat

    Yeah I can say for certain that we do have an anti cheat.
  13. Elit3charge

    Help with cape

    Try disabling your texture packs.
  14. Elit3charge

    " there appears to be no error in judgement"

    If you think your appeal was falsely denied then try appeal again and if that is denied for a second time. Contact live support HERE.
  15. Elit3charge

    Custom capes

    We encourage players not to use custom capes as only a select amount can use them and you must have legend rank or higher, so if you wish to use a custom cape we suggest using it via a texture pack or if you really must have one visible to all them kindly find out how to do it yourself and you...
  16. Elit3charge

    An Apology to TobiasDev and the Nethergames Staff

    Callum is the Chief Operating Officer.
  17. Elit3charge

    The Big Blue Tick & Roles

    Only staff can be verified at this time and you can’t sync your ingame ranks to your forums account either currently roles are only for staff.
  18. Elit3charge

    this show is not for kids....

    Smart decision if you can’t sleep
  19. Elit3charge

    Fireball and tnt jumping fix

    The problem is that half of the playerbase love the idea of being able to tnt / fireball jump and half the playerbase hate the idea.
  20. Elit3charge

    help please

    Yes this is a known issue that is currently being worked on. A few things that helped me fix the issue was: 1) Downgrade to 1.16.100 (PC only) 2) Use no texture packs 3) If the issue occurs completely relaunch Minecraft and rejoin NetherGames