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    Lots of lag and extreme delay

    Thanks! I’ve been connecting to the main proxy because I've been using the same join button since 2 years ago haha.
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    Bedwars guide for noobs

    Terrible strat, I got a better one: Join doubles or 4s, camp at the gen the whole time. Before your teammate even bridges complain that they havent gotten your team obsidian yet. Then, keep jumping into the void and if youre lucky everyone will leave and you will win
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    Lots of lag and extreme delay

    I used to play on the server a lot back in 2019 and early 2020, and back then the server doesnt give me much lag. Now, when I try to buy things from the item shop, each purchase takes around 1 second, which makes people able to get to me faster than i can even buy items. Also, everytime after I...