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  1. DqrkRose


    Reply to this message for no real reason If you reply, you prize will be.. get ready.. nothing :D
  2. DqrkRose

    hi :)

    Does anyone have an idea for me to stop being bored? For some reason time is going so slowly and my WiFi has died so I don’t want to watch YouTube (too much 4G used).
  3. DqrkRose

    What is everyone favourite map on Skywars?

    What is your favourite map on Skywars? You may, or may not know that there is more than two new Skywars maps along with the old maps! - Evie
  4. DqrkRose

    Can anyone help me?

    I was wondering how you can change your ‘signature’ on the NetherGames forums using a mobile. I’m stuck D: If anyone could help me, it would be much appreciated! - Evie
  5. DqrkRose

    How is everyone today?

    How was your day today? And who else is exited that it is Friday! :D - Evie:mc_e_3:
  6. DqrkRose

    Does anyone have a favourite game on the NetherGames server?

    Which of the games is your favourite? Could it be the inventive Creative Server? Or the fast pasted Skywars Solo? I really want to know! Comment below which is the game for you.