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  1. NeulingGames

    A new playstyle of bedwars- Bedwars reimagined and new ways to play it

    Good Morning! It is me, NeulingGames, back with another thread with my new ideas. Bedwars was one of the oldest, the most classic, and the most popular minigame on NetherGames and pretty much everywhere else. I still enjoy this game, exploding beds into oblivion, cutting down dream stans one...
  2. NeulingGames

    What is your bedwars playstyle?

  3. NeulingGames

    My issues with NetherGames and some ideas for server improvement

    Hello to the 7 people who will see this, my name is NeulingGames (Yes, very coincidental with the server's title, I came up with it before being aware that NG exists lol). I really enjoy playing on the NetherGames Network and play all the great minigames that developers has blessed us. But as...