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  1. Mootis

    How to Write a Successful Staff Application

    I wonder if you used this format
  2. Mootis

    Is legend rank worth the money?

    Yes it is, however it will not give you any in game advantages ( but factions )
  3. Mootis

    The Big Blue Tick & Roles

    No I am not
  4. Mootis

    Is there any way I can view when I first joined the server?

    To nick, you must have a rank that you buy, or a YT or Partner rank or above
  5. Mootis

    My issues with NetherGames and some ideas for server improvement

    I do agree, however the anti-cheat would be hard to code, and with a server you always run into risks that are: - False Bans - Bans with no evidence - Unreliable anti cheats and so much more, it is annoying to run into hackers, and I strongly agree by rewarding people who report is a good...
  6. Mootis

    Creating Fun NetherGames Events!

    Creating Fun NetherGames Events!
  7. Mootis

    auto ez

    i- uhm, W- e- uhmmm..... no, just no. Imagine how toxic the community would be after that :/
  8. Mootis

    The Big Blue Tick & Roles

    Hey Lads, Just wondering if anyone knows if ONLY staff can be verified on forms, or can the community be verified as well? Also, how do I sync my in game rank to my Forms account, I have it linked but it doesn't show. Cheers, Max
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    Can't wait!
  10. Mootis

    hey NETHERGAMES staff

    Coding is very difficult, also anti-cheat is not the only thing the dev team needs to focus on. The anti-cheat is also hard to monitor, as it can false ban accounts especially auto clicker detection.
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    Know your team, play with your own skill. I recommend practicing pvp. Make a simple butterfly defence of the bat, then 1 rush :/
  12. Mootis

    x2 credits boost

    I do like this as well :D
  13. Mootis

    About Me, Mootis

  14. Mootis

    About Me, Mootis

    Hey there minecrafters! I am Mootis, you may wonder why I have a partner rank! Well to be honest, I am not a minecraft content creator, however I am a founder of a minecraft team called "Team Flanba" and we have partnered with nethergames to create some awesome events for you all to enjoy...