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    3k special (first member to hit 3k)

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    Toby ya better read this

    this is a big brain post
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    Funnist ban

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    Bridge suggestion

    Hippoing is all great until you face someone who hippos
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    Funnist ban

    is "lmfao" a type of punctuation to you?
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    Ladders are very weird

    hey, I'm pretty sure in a dev qna they mentioned this bug, I'm pretty sure they said it was the server and it is something they have noticed
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    Update log: 19/04 - 27/04

    thank you very epic and cool
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    My application for Owner epicness

    I want to become owner of this network for monies $$$$ give me the cashhhhh ALso i amm sligthyly active aojnly sometimes as0o give me athie wowner rank now i0or ill suer everyoen.
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    Super Bowl

    The Superbowl rn summed up "penelty, cheifs 15 yards, 1st down"
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    list of things netnhergames has to fix

    uhc is coming i think
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    lol jk
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    Is nethergames dying

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    pretty sure this is a bit more blatant
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    5 types of bedwars players

    well the first two are annoying, but valid strategies, the rest are just annoying
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    What new item should be put in bed wars any ideas

    well thats an item that costs a lot of iron, and tnt blasts can travel through the glass. A trap would just disable the tnt
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    What new item should be put in bed wars any ideas

    A anti-tnt trap
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    Uncap right clicks

    hello, im sorry for like commenting so late, but, right clicks seem to be uncapped already, when i drag and get over 15cps NetherGames never send the red message
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    (in my opinion) IMPORTANT bridge changes

    nice essay
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    Axes or Swords?

    In Bedrock they r just the same