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  1. saddomino

    Remove the friend amount limit.

    really, changed the emoji to a link, cringe
  2. saddomino

    PythonLover123's Suggestion - TNT Damage and Knockback

    I like the idea of this being a thing, but the movement you can obtain using these methods is a bit on the overpowered side, if this were to be implemented, I'd think a nerf on the prices of tnt, and fireball charges would be necessary. Increase them so they aren't as easily obtainable. I don't...
  3. saddomino

    LightPlayzMC01's Suggestion - Server generated skin on a random nickname and ability to choose a rank and level while nicked.

    I don't support this, for they would need to have an abundance of random, non-similar skins for something like this to work. If there were a small amount of skins, identifying someone who is nicked would be so much easier than guessing by their name. Making a skin takes work, and NG's art team...
  4. saddomino

    EnderKiller62's Suggestion - Allow Butterflyclicking and Dragclicking

    Disagree, keep the rule against butterfly and drag clicking. The cap is nice, and to be honest, I wouldn't mind if it were lowered even more. I'm a pc player, and I like the idea of giving mobile players more of an even playing field. They don't have an increased reach when it comes to hitting...
  5. saddomino

    domino's Suggestion - Skyblock Enchantment Changes

    Suggestion Title/Headline Skyblock Enchantment Changes What is your idea that you would like to suggest? My suggestion is as is, introduce a system to allow us to buy enchantments for XP. It's really needed, if not XP, then in-game cash. My reason for wanting this? It is such a pain to earn...
  6. saddomino

    count to 10k

  7. saddomino

    domino's Suggestion - Light Sources for SkyBlock

    Suggestion Title/Headline Light Sources for SkyBlock What is your idea that you would like to suggest? We need more decorations, that's pretty clear, but I think an important part we need is light sources, such as glowstone, and sea lanterns. I was specifically hoping for redstone lamps...
  8. saddomino

    domino's Suggestion - SB Increase in Hopper Limit

    Suggestion Title/Headline SB Increase in Hopper Limit What is your idea that you would like to suggest? I think there should be a way to increase how many hoppers you can place on your island. Thats it really. You could have us spend real cash on it, have it be an island upgrade, (something...
  9. saddomino

    Public Skyblock Release

  10. saddomino

    domino's Suggestion - SB Suggestion

    Suggestion Title/Headline SB Suggestion What is your idea that you would like to suggest? Simple suggestion, all I ask for is like a title, or a private message in chat, whatever really, that notifies you when you earn any type of key, as there's no way to know you earned one, besides going...
  11. saddomino

    domino's Suggestion - Ore Spawn Option for Skyblock

    Suggestion Title/Headline Ore Spawn Option for Skyblock What is your idea that you would like to suggest? I feel like the option to enable/disable the spawning of ores in cobble gens on your island should be a thing. If you were to get far enough into SB, you wouldn't have that huge of a need...
  12. saddomino


    I love overwatch, I've been playing since release, been wanting to quit though because I actually hate it, and there's so many things wrong with it now. But I unfortuantely always come back.
  13. saddomino

    29th June 2020

    Odd, this whole time I'd thought that final deaths already only counted for statistics. Really great change though, it would make increasing your KDR a ton easier. I only wish I had more free time to play.
  14. saddomino

    count to 10k

  15. saddomino

    count to 10k

  16. saddomino

    Voter Rank Tag Discontinued

    I like this change. :+1