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    And I don't mean that the people who says negative comment is bad as well. But they should suggest something to replace, if you think it's bad. Staff can't just take and take away. And sometimes we tell them the officer which is wrong. You can't just tell fix the ban system to builder, we must...
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    As you may have seen in the title, this is the campaign to make officer happy about their work. Officers gets message like this, while most of them are make something or this is bad smh. But if you think hard, can you make an server like this in a short time called about 2 years? I could...
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    Do you remember the day we were active song

    Remember when we were active And we laugh in forum, Then here comes discord We are gone to hell Then someone called golem Revive forum When I was back, I wasn't famous @CarlottaCGG is gone, as well as nubmaster69 And what am I doing .. Is quitting forummmmmm UnPeace
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    Weekly update: 19th - 24th of July

    Yes... UPDATE
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    Down Bass by Spectruh
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    Bedwars guide for noobs

  7. breakefast egg

    Bedwars guide for noobs

    I'd you are wondering how to play bedwars, you clicked on a right forum. Imma teach you step by step how to win a bedwars game. First. Get 16 wool and throw it away to the void. If you didn't get rushed, you are lucky my man. Now go to emerald. Your bed will probably be broken, so just camp on...
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    How to get a penny pool patio spa and I'm not sure if I can get it to you tomorrow at my stats and I have a few questions to be a little bit and I'm sure it would do you want me to be a long time no see I have just been playing Minecraft for nine hours.
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    Who is the most activest? Staff in FORUM

    Insanerazer, the most active CarlottaCGG used to be active, USE TO. For some reason, other Staff is like ded in forum. People went to discord so forum itself is not active at all. So staff should fix it.
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    Predict the next person to reach 1k messages on the forums

    264 messages that's just awesome
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    Predict the next person to reach 1k messages on the forums

    Hello? Am I on the list?
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    Recommended for you

    Hey botl Wanna see you tomorrow at my stats and I'm not sure if you are interested I can send you a picture of the coin master free spins and coins and I'm not sure if I can get it to you know what I mean japanese sweat pants and I'm not sure if I can get it to you tomorrow at my stats and I'm...
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    Fortunately, I came back

    So mah eyesight thing... Was fixed by one contact lens that you can put while you are sleeping and when you get up, you can see everything. MAGIC
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    Best hotbar ever

    1: hacker and you are running away? 1. Sword 2, 3, 4. Wool, 5,6, potion 7. Pop up tower (suffocate the hacker) 8. Idk Normal 1. Sword 2. Wool 3. Wool 4. Axe 5. Pickaxe 6.gapple 7. KbStiCk Other inventory slot that are not shown is your own important things.
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    what if bedwars got removed?

    Did I just see server called nethergames? Huh, nvm. I'll just go rush nation
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    Insane razor you better check this out

    Aha I got 69 cps with 8 fingers
  17. breakefast egg

    How many cps do you guys get?

    Ah Jitter: 20 - 30 Butterfly: 20-30 Drag with bloody A: 70-120 Mobile: 20-69 Spacebar slamming: 69 cps LEGIR
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    Update log: 19/04 - 27/04

    Yes yes yes
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    I do actually

    I do actually