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You're reporting a player for breaking network rules.
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Welcome! Thanks for showing your interest in reporting an alleged offender on the NetherGames Network. We always strive to create the best experience for our players.

Player reports are to be submitted if you have evidence that a player/user on the network's services (in-game server, Discord server, forums, etc.) is breaking a rule. Please note that not all reports are accepted, and incomplete reports with incorrect or missing information will be denied.

Please ensure your report includes the following:​

  • The username/in-game name of the offending player
  • What rule the alleged offender has broken
  • Evidence to support your claim

Do not continue to report if you do not have the information listed above.
Here's a few tips from us to make your report the best it can be:​

  • Provide accurate and complete information. If you don't fill in all the information we ask for, it will take longer for your report to be processed.
  • Repeatedly submitting reports of the same player will not increase the chances of it being accepted. You will be blacklisted if you do so.

After submitting your report, please allow up to a week for our team to review it. Please do not enquire about the status of your report at any time.

Once you have started answering the questions below, do not refresh or leave the page. Your answers will not be saved.
If you wish to work through the questions in your own time, you are advised to copy the questions elsewhere (e.g. a Word document) and answer them there, then copy the answers over to this form once you're ready.

Answers you provide through this form will be saved, retained and used in accordance with our Data & Privacy Policy. As this is a public reporting form, your IP address will be logged to prevent abuse. Learn more at​
State what rule the alleged offender has broken.
Include links to any photos and/or videos of the alleged offender breaking network rules.
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