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Report Player

Hello there!

Thanks for expressing your interest in reporting an alleged offender on NetherGames
We always strive to create the best experience for all of our players.


Player reports are only to be submitted if the reporter believes that they have reasonable evidence that a NetherGames service user (in-game network, Discord server, forums, etc.) has broken network regulations.
It is important to keep in mind that not all reports are accepted and that reports with incomplete or false information will be denied.

Report Requirements

Please ensure that you include the following details while filling out the appeal form:​

  • The in-game username of the account that is allegedly committing an offence
  • The specific regulation that the said offender has violated
  • Evidence that backs your report claims against the offender in question
Please do not continue to apply if you do not have the required information listed.

Report Tips

We receive a great amount of reports every month, so here's some tips to make yours stand out:​

  • Be truthful in your answers. Submitting falsified information may result in you being blacklisted from appealing punishments in the future.
  • Fill out the form correctly the first time. If you do not provide all the information we require to make a decision on your report, it will be denied and you will have to submit a report again.
  • Avoid asking about the status of your report while it is pending. Your report will be reviewed by our team at their leisure, and you will be notified when the status has been updated.
  • If you have previously appealed and your report was denied, take note of the tips the Report Reviewer gives to you and work on these issues in your next report.
Final Comments

Once you have submitted your report, please allow a week for our team to review it. As stated above, please do not contact us about the status of your report while it is being reviewed.

Once you have started answering the questions below, do not refresh or leave this page. Your answers will not be saved.
If you wish to work through the questions in your own time, you are advised to copy the questions elsewhere (i.e. a Word document) and write your answers there. Once you are happy with your responses, copy them over to this form to submit them.

Answers you provide through this form will be saved and used in accordance with our Data & Privacy Policy. Learn more at​
State what rule the alleged offender has broken.
Attach files
Include any photos and/or videos of the alleged offender breaking network rules.
Feel free to skip this question if you don't want to add anything.
Please ensure you have proofread your responses before clicking Submit.
You will not be able to edit your report after you have submitted it.

By submitting this report you are declaring that the information entered above is correct and valid.
Any false information in your responses may result in your report being denied or you being blacklisted from reporting in the future.​