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  • When you know you have a lot of videos to post but then don't show PvP montage of said texture pack, because you lag even with the best internet and device you can have.
    I feel like everyone enjoys that I talk to them :0 maybe I'll go for another months on discord and see how they react?
    Please come back if you have any time ;-; at least contact me through discord if you can. Gianna#7777
    I don't like when I get targeted it is so annoying.
    But the most annoying thing is......
    Lag must be the reason that I don't play that much really.
    I have changed into playing other servers just because of this.
    It's sad because I like playing here but problem is the EXTRA LAG it has.
    This is all opinion based so.
    Don't judge how I feel.
    I don't like lots of things...
    life is hard
    I'm gonna take a break from Minecraft I feel like I play too much and it might get me a bit more distracted if I want to pass my grade.
    But I will be on when I'm free or bored.
    Hope all of you can understand my problem and a farewell
    Ahh, nothing is much better than raging at a player that is spawn killing you for kills and then making experiments on how to kill you over and over without breaking a sweat xd
    Recking all players in bedwars be like

    "Get away hacker" Me: "*does /w (name) * I'm not a hacker ._."

    And also be like rushing all beds that are not protected and protected by wool...

    Also I caught a hacker in one of my videos it was like "A wild hacker has appeared"
    Me buying new stuff be like

    "Mom can you put this $5 in the bank account"
    Mom can you put this $5 in the bank account"
    Mom can you put this $5 in the bank account"

    Pretty much today I bought stuff xD
    Can't take it anymore
    I can't take that people target me just because I have a higher tier and rank
    I hate that they target me because of that
    Literally there is someone next to him and I instantly get targeted
    I'm very mad I won't be returning that much to Nethergames so bye
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    :( sorry if it seemed like I have been targeting you. I try not to just whenever we party I’m next to you and when I shoot the other person they usually go underground so I shoot you instead so I can at least get a kill/hits. Please keep playing. ;-;
    Ehi Lone ... I can t help you with the people targeting you but what about playing togheter maybe in sw double? xD you carry me and I carry you, few people targets players in double 0w0
    > luisg2YT <
    > luisg2YT <
    im sorry if I was one of them :(
    Hmm seems that no one is responding to my trainee application
    Maybe too much going on with staff
    Or something else
    Bowspammers are ppl that want kills without risking being killed by others that play with swords.And there is another advantage,if you are all geared up,you can bowspam a player to get him down in health and you just rush him.
    Thats what really annoys me.
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