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  • and finally with the drama thing: I feel like all of the drama on here is silly. this is a game. literally a game. I play nethergames because it is fun, not because I want to go back and forth about random stuff. Just have fun an chill people.
    Pt 2 I was thinking either a system update or a quicker easier way to report, and a more specific hacker choice category( such as flying, killaura, etc). that’s all of my suggestions. other than that my experience is absolutely perfect, so just keep doing what your doing!
    Pt1 I love the server, and I really like the way you recreated hypixel for those who cannot play it (me) and I wanted to give a couple of suggestions. 1. more ways to pay for things in the store (Apple Pay, or any other kind of gift card), 2. Work on hacking prevention system, I have noticed a lot more hackers lately I’ve seen 2 in the past month and they leave before anybody can report them (they are flying around).
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