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    Funnist ban

    I'm not going to argue with someone who is giving no evidence to back their claims. If you have any proof of these claims, I do invite you to send that to us, if not, like Toby said before, give us a name. I would say that your argument is completely untrue anyway, our staff are not unfair and...
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    Funnist ban

    I'd ask for you to back up your claim here. The staff are typically sarcastic only when they aren't answering support inquires. Our staff try their hardest to make everyone satisfied in a professional manner.
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    NetherGames is adding UHC

    Hey everyone! NetherGames is finally adding UHC to the servers. Really excited to finally share that it's coming out.
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    NetherGames got rid of the games

    now it's just nether
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    How long am I banned for?

    the anticheat doesn't ban
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    What Can we do to try and get this as a main server

    In order to get into the featured server list, we have to know someone at Mojang, willing to help us out really. We don't really need a big playerbase (look at Galaxite), and NetherGames is a company. While some of us know people at Mojang, we don't know the right people.
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    We don't always check the forums, we tend to hang around on the discord server more. 1. We can't just make everything free, especially replay, something like that takes up storage and storage costs money. 2. valid suggestion 3. valid suggestion 4. If you want to have the hypixel maps back, you...
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    Why r nethergame admin so mean

    I mean mistakes happen, you could appeal your mute
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    A To-do list for NG

    No problem, if something is unclear or seems like it's being deflected, you can always ask for clarification.
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    A To-do list for NG

    This is dependent on your connection to the server and also depends what proxy you're connected to. Example: I am joining from my house based in the US, and the US proxy is up, so my ping is low, then when I switch houses, the US proxy is down. There also is a factor with which DNS servers you...
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    wrong profile

    wrong profile
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    A To-do list for NG

    1) Guilds is fixed in NG 4.0, however, if it is so easy to fix, I invite you to apply for the dev team. 2) NG 4.0 beta has a new anticheat, that'll help out. 3) NG 4.0 beta should reduce this, although it might still happen with high latency. 4) Skipping 5) We allow most skins, however, some of...