Xbox Live Authentication Information

NetherGames Network - Xbox Live Authentication

The NetherGames Network ("NetherGames","we","us","our") Single Sign-On service ( require you to login with your Xbox Live account. However, due to restrictions imposed by the Microsoft Corporation ("Microsoft"), we are unable to directly access required data from your Xbox Live account to complete the authentication process.

Because of this, we require you to authorise us to access data collected by Discord Inc ("Discord") in your Discord account, to retrieve required data from your account to authenticate you. Discord and its services are protected under an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with Microsoft and comply/operate in accordance with the law.

Your Xbox Live data is collected and used in accordance with our Data & Privacy Policy. Specific information collected by us while authenticated include:
- Your Xbox Live gamertag (in-game username)
- Other accounts connected to your Discord account (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
- Your Discord account ID username & discriminator, avatar hash, email address, email verification status, user flags and Nitro status

These details are stored for the duration of your session (time you are logged in) only. An exception applies to your gamertag, email and Discord user ID (as these may be stored in separate records linked to your in-game account).
We do not have access to or make use of personal details, for example: your account password, full name, age etc.

If you have any questions regarding the collection of your Xbox Live data, please contact NetherGames Support - [email protected]