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New levels/XP & vote for kit selection system

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Hello NetherGames players,

Today we've released our levels on all 1.2 servers (1.1 does not have this yet)! This new levels/XP system will promote more competition against players. The system is based on the vanilla one, and displayed in the XP bar (this is just below, or near your health and hunger bars). Your level will also display as green text in the bar. Your level and XP is also synced across all servers and saved - a new leaderboard for the most XP is now available online at We are currently working on a way to display your level in your nametag.

You can gain XP by:
- Participating in a game
- Killing another player
- Winning a game

There is also a weekend boost - this means you can get double the XP you would normally get on weekdays by playing on weekends!

All servers have had a vote for kit selection system pushed today - this means that you can vote to select kits, once per vote/day. In order to be able to do this, you...

Plot Contest

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Hello NetherGames players,

We are happy to announce that plot contests are back! As of today, you may use one creative, mega, or platinum plot to build something that reflects this month’s theme: Christmas Festival. Others may be added and aid in the build, but only the owner of the plot will be given the reward if the plot does win. If you would like the reward to go to someone else, please give the plot to them using /p give. Once all plot contests are submitted and the winner is determined, you may ask for your plot to be archived. The reward for winning this month’s...

Trailer Competition

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Hello players,

As of today, we are starting a trailer competition open to the public. The contest will be on making a trailer for our server, we've chosen that it's best for our community to make it because they can showcase what they best like about NetherGames to new players. If we receive good entries, the winning trailer may even be shown on YouTube ads or our website. The winning entry will get a free Legend rank in return for making the video. If you are interested in entering, here is what the trailer will require:
  • Display of our IP address and port ( | 19132).
  • Must be at least 30 seconds long.
  • Showcase of our main lobby. (recommended to remove your inventory and hand in settings when filming non-pvp scenes.)
  • Must have some in-game PvP combat scenes.
The trailer must not have:
  • No watermarks.
  • No introductions or...

New Lobby

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Hello NetherGames players,

Today we have released a brand new lobby by a special build team. The lobby has a futuristic theme that we hope you will all enjoy and it includes a fun parkour and a secret room for you to find!


Merging News

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Hello NetherGames players,

As of today, we have merged with a server called “GameCraftPE” which had approx. 100 players on average before the 1.2 update.

The update has indeed affected a lot of servers, and we are looking for servers to merge into the network because we are, as the name implies, “Better Together”.

The server that is joining us means we have a new Executive staff by the name of Driesboy and several new staff joining us.
If you play on the NetherGames Network this doesn’t affect you other than more new players joining. We also may be adding some new games that GameCraftPE previously had.

If you have any questions regarding the update, please contact

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