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New Store & Titan Rank Release

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Hello everyone,

We're happy to announce that our new store is now live! You can check it out at

You can now purchase items using a credit or debit card without a PayPal account (click "Pay with Card" at the checkout), however you can still use your PayPal balance for purchases if you wish. If you're using an iOS device, you can also use Apple Pay, and if on a Chrome browser or Android device, you will be able to use Google Pay (select "Pay with Card" for these two options as well).

The Titan rank is now also available for purchase! Please note that this is a monthly subscription rank unlike our other 3 VIP ranks. If you are paying by card without a PayPal account, this will auto-renew every period you selected (i.e. if you bought Titan for 3 months, it will charge you again every 3 months until you cancel on the Titan page). You also must have the Legend rank in order to be able to subscribe to Titan.

We have temporarily...

Public Skyblock Release

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Hello NetherGames!

First off, huge thank you to all of our VIP players & YouTubers who took the opportunity to help test out our new Skyblock game mode while it was still in beta. We hope you enjoyed helping us in addition to familiarising yourself with the game before the general public!

We're happy to announce that the full public release of the Skyblock game will occur at 9PM AEST tonight (Wednesday 5th August). This time all players will be allowed to join and play the game.

In an effort to ensure that everyone is starting off on a level playing field, all islands and progress will be reset. This is due to the fact that there have been game-breaking exploits discovered and patched during the VIP beta testing period and because we feel that it would not be fair for VIP players to get a head start on their islands on top of their Skyblock game perks (i.e. kits). We apologize if we did not make this abundantly clear in our initial announcement.

We encourage all players to keep...

Initial Skyblock Release

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Hello everyone!

We're excited to announce the release of NetherGames Skyblock (if all goes well) tomorrow - Saturday 1st August!

Our Skyblock game has been planned for over 2 years and work initially commenced early last year, only to be postponed, later scrapped and completely rewritten. Work on the current version started around November 2019. Unlike many other servers, our Skyblock version is designed to be scalable across multiple servers without a detrimental user experience.

How to Play

When you join Skyblock (through the Teleporter or NPC), you will be greeted with a few NPCs at spawn. You can select a kit through the Kits NPC or directly using the /kit command.

The ATM at the bottom of the stairs allows you to withdraw money from your bank balance into your purse or vice-versa (deposit purse into bank). At the middle of the spawn, 4 crates are available - Vote, Common, Rare & Mythic. The Vote crate can be opened if you have voted that day...

NetSys - Network Communication System

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Hello NetherGames Community and welcome to another Devblog. As you might have seen in the Weekly Update Blog from June 15th, we have introduced a new System to our infrastructure to ensure the correct working of all components of the Network.

Today's subject is exactly this system, and I will explain to you how it works, what it does, and how it affects you as our players.

Base Idea:

NetSys stands for Networking System and is a basic data exchange system for all kinds of services to communicate with each other. Those can be
Discord Bots, Minecraft Servers, Minecraft Proxies, Websites, and anything that can be programmed. It is using the lowest possible way of
network communication, which is Sockets. You can imagine sockets like a chat between two people, one server and one client, exchanging information.
Most things on the Internet are based on Sockets. As for the choice of the programming language, I chose Java as I determined that this would be the easiest...

June 2020 Plot Contest Results Correction

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Hello everyone,

Since the announcement of the winner of last month's plot contest with the Seasons theme, new information has come to light that the original winner, Ekstacii5829, may have used a prohibited client side modification to their advantage whilst completing the winning build.

As such, the judging panel has now awarded the prize to lxstvIbe823, originally 2nd place. You can check out their plot at (-17;7) in Platinum Plots.

Revised rankings:
  • WHOOP WHOOP502 & Elphaba103 (equal 2nd) at (93;151) in Creative Dimension and (-25;62) in Mega Creative
  • Larazades & LivingSilv (equal 3rd) at (123;456) and (1500;1500) both in Creative Dimension

Players who seek to abuse the competition to their own advantage will be banned from entering in the future.
A reminder that you cannot win consecutive contests. Full terms for the competition can be found here.

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