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New Maps Update

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Hello everyone,

No doubt many of you may have already seen the new maps released earlier today that has replaced all previous maps. The build team has worked extremely hard over the past week to produce these 34 maps. Over the next couple of weeks, more maps will be rolled out to Bedwars, Duels, Murder Mystery & SkyWars to increase the range available for selection.

Unfortunately, previous maps sourced elsewhere will not be returning due to legal restrictions.

This is obviously an extremely disappointing outcome that none of us hoped for, however it is also a matter that is outside of our control. We had originally been planning to release custom maps alongside the previous set of maps but due to this unexpected issue we have had to resort to these steps. Our build team is currently working hard to amend existing and create new maps that are of a similar quality and standard. If you have a concern, issue or suggestion regarding current or future maps, you...

YouTube Rank Update

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Hello everyone,

We have made slight changes to YouTube ranks and the applications process. This update affects existing rank holders as well as new applicants.

The YT rank (dark aqua colour) made available last year to all users with over 500 subscribers has unfortunately been discontinued. If you successfully applied for the rank in the past, it has been removed from your account today both in-game and on Discord.

Any players with an existing YouTube rank (red colour) who do not have an email address associated with their in-game account, or have not joined in the past 2 years and as such have no XUID on record, have had their ranks revoked.

New applicants will be required to provide their email address as contact information regarding their application. They will receive an email notifying them whether their application was successful or unsuccessful, as opposed to in the past where applicants were not contacted. The email address will also be used for contact if their rank...

September 2020 - Executive Team Statement

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Statement from the Executive Team
4th September 2020

On Wednesday September 2nd, the YouTube channel PocketGaming uploaded a video to their channel regarding the supposed loss of YouTube channel rank. The video was riddled with factual errors and inconsistencies and it is important that we present the facts to set the record straight.

First of all, it is crucial to note that this YouTuber at no point made an application for their YT rank, nor did they make any attempts to get in touch with our team. It was manually issued at the request of a NetherGames developer as a courtesy, subject to the requirements of the rank granted.

Should a player wish to have their YouTube channel rank (YT or YouTube, in this case the former) transferred to a different username, they are required to contact us via our live chat support platform - as have many YouTubers done in the past. The YouTuber in question did not contact us prior to the...

August 2020 Community Announcement

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Statement from the Executive Team
20th August 2020

It has come to our attention that in recent times, there has been a lot of misconceptions circulating around regarding the staff team and the operations of the network. We'd like to take a moment to set the record straight.

In all of our years operating a Minecraft server network, we always put our players as our first priority. After all, without any players, there would be no server. We constantly try to listen to the community and what new games or features are highly requested, and then try to meet that public demand. Our investment into new development projects is at an all-time high. It is also important to note that none of us work at NetherGames full-time. Most of us simply work on the server as a side-project and hobby. We have lives outside of Minecraft and managing a large server network. It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to develop...

July Plot Contest Results & August Bedwars Competition

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July Plot Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who participated in July's plot contest. It was a pleasure looking at all of your City builds. The judging panel has reviewed all submissions and has decided on the winner for last month's contest. This month's judging panel consisted of @LargeKnome, @JoshT, @Pwetster, @Dcymonster and @Momma5d.

Out of 39 unique submissions, 1 person was disqualified due to invalid submission details and 2 were disqualified for submitting the same plot.

The following people were disqualified for submitting invalid details:
  • SlinkyMars17324
The following people were disqualified for submitting the same plot:
  • BackWarrior6990
  • arigathanksTV
Congratulations to CBABOUCHE, who won the July 2020 City plot contest and has received a free rank upgrade to Emerald! You can check out their winning plot at...

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