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End of the Skyblock Downtime

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Hello NetherGames Players,

following up our statement about the SkyBlock downtime that was made a couple days ago, we can now happily announce that the server is back on, including SkyBlock.

Now many have asked what the issue we were resolving has been, and I'll shed some light on this.
The bug we encountered is simple but can be easily abused. NetherGames Is based on a regional system, we have proxies in the EU, US and AP region. That said, a player found out that you were actually able to join the server twice with the same account using different regions. This allowed duplicating in SkyBlock, as when you buy something on one account, the account's money is not synchronized with other sessions and the database until you leave the server.
Luckily, we caught this issue early and were able to resolve the issue before it became serious. It is no longer possible to join the network twice with the same account.

We used this as an opportunity to revamp some of our internal...

Current Skyblock Situation

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Hello NetherGames Community!

as many of you have already noticed, at the current moment, SkyBlock is offline. This post is to inform you of the broad reasoning behind this and maybe understand what is happening right now.
A couple days ago, a user reported a bug in the network's infrastructure that could be used to duplicate items and money on a large scale on Skyblock.
Since yesterday, we are working on reworking some of the core parts of the network due to instability and bad code. This is required for the current maintenance to succeed as well as to make future maintenances less often and much easier.
During this period, we need to prevent players from abusing the bug if it ever gets public.
We know that it is annoying for all the correctly behaving players that we need to take this measure, but one dupe can have a severe effect on Skyblock.

We are trying to get this update out as soon as possible, it should also fix other known issues such as /ping sometimes not working...

The 4.0 update: Analyzing changes and mistakes

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Hello NetherGames-Community!
This Devblog is not an as-technical dev blog as the other ones we have made so far(but there will be more of those, too!).
Our main intention here is to give you an overview of what we have been doing behind the scenes in the last couple of months, great new improvements that we have been working on, as well as reviewing our approach critically and outlining key mistakes made during the development.

During the last months, we hardly worked on implementing the new Version 4.0 of the server-software we are using, PocketMine-MP.
This version was a major change of many network components and included performance advancements for certain actions.

This required a whole recode of the entire NetherGames codebase, the reason why there haven't been updates for any of the existing games prior to the 4.0 update for quite some time.

Reason for the update

The core reasons for us switching to...

Major Update

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Just today we've released a major update to NetherGames. A revamp everyone has been waiting for is finally here. A full list of changes below. Huge thanks to Dries and the developer team for all the hard work they have done in the past few months to bring this out.


We've finally reset the tiers and worked towards a system that's going to reset each 6 months like the old system was supposed to. New tiers are listed below

Silver Tier (5,000 credits)​

Access to chat colors: Green, Aqua and Red

Gold Tier (10,000 credits)​

Access to chat colors: Green, Aqua, Red, Yellow and White
Gold nametag

Guardian Tier (20.000 credits)​

Access to chat colors: Green, Aqua, Red, Yellow, White, Gold and Light Purple
Green nametag
Companion pet
2 Mega plots and 4 Platinum plots in Creative

Eagle Tier (40,000 credits)​

Access to chat colors: All chat colors except for Rainbow
Aqua nametag...

4.0 Beta Testing

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Hello everyone,

We're excited to be announcing beta testing is now open for the upcoming 4.0 network!

Here's what's changed:
  • Guilds system have been rewritten for better stability
  • New anti-cheat developed, improving cheat detection
  • Language system redeveloped (work in progress, translations to come)
  • New layout for cosmetics and profile settings
  • New proxy that boasts better performance
  • Enhanced cross-server communication

You can join to help test by clicking the Beta Network NPC in the lobby. All players have a Titan rank to allow greater testing of features.
Bugs and issues encountered can be reported to the #beta-bugs channel on our Discord server -

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