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Discord Ban Appeals

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Hello everyone,

We're excited to be announcing a new appeals procedure for Discord bans!

Prior to this announcement Discord bans were permanent and non-appealable decisions, mostly due to the nature of our enforcement system on Discord:
  • Discord invite in any channel = 1 warning
  • Inappropriate username/profile pic = Verbal warning in #general first, then kick if user does not comply
  • Advertising in DMs = Permanent ban
  • Spamming invites in multiple channels = Permanent ban
  • 3 warnings = 24 hour mute
  • 6 warnings = Permanent ban
  • All other rules violations (#welcome) = 1 warning
Permanent bans are also issued in certain scenarios (i.e. blatantly disregarding the rules - repeatedly spamming invites in every channel, swearing and hurling abuse at others, etc.) and at the discretion of the Executive Team.

We are now offering a Discord Ban Appeal form, where users banned from the NetherGames Discord...

11th May 2020

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This week's updates include:
  • New waiting lobbies for Bedwars, Duels, Murder Mystery and SkyWars
  • Dev Blog announced to engage community with what's going on behind the scenes
  • Replay server activated which allows players to watch their match again (still undergoing bug fixes)
  • New anticheat system released across all servers
  • CPU and async task management optimisations
  • Extra node servers ordered to cope with increasing demand

Our entire team work hard to bring new updates every week to our network to make the best possible experience for our players.
Thank you to any players who have reported bugs or issues! If you do see a bug, please report it to us - or to #bugs on our Discord server -

Zstandard & what it means?

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For starters, welcome to our first developer blog post, where the developers and I will give you behind the scenes view of what happens at NetherGames. I'd like to first say, with the eventful Covid-19 still upon our heads, it's up to you to keep moving and stay improving. With that said, I suggest you put your big brain hats on and get ready to dive into the magic that's cooking at NetherGames.

When you talk about data storing, you hear the term "compression" many times. On many occasions, it's often just ignored as some magic that makes big files into smaller files. This is very interesting. How does one make information smaller? Compression in computer science is the math of converting huge chunks of data into smaller data.

One of the most famous compression libraries (code library: a group of general-purpose code - usually available to everyone - to be used to make hard tasks easier) is zLib. One major drawback is, zLib was released...

4th May 2020

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This week's updates include:
  • General
    • Improved knockback usage
    • Disabled chat colours while hiding a rank or using a nickname
    • Kit selection bug fixes
  • Bedwars
    • Reduced blast damage
  • Duels
    • Fixed win steaks not clearing
    • Fixed arenas not queuing 5 seconds before the match
    • Fixed bow hits on teammates still giving effects
  • Murder Mystery
    • Fixed shields not working

Our entire team work hard to bring new updates every week to our network to make the best possible experience for our players.
Thank you to any players who have reported bugs or issues! If you do see a bug, please report it to us - or to #bugs on our Discord server -

48 Hour Flash Sale & Plot Contest Results

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Hello NetherGames players,

Two announcements today:


We're glad to announce that we'll be discounting everything on our store by 20% off for 48 hours!
This means that Ultra ranks will be $8, Emerald will be $16 and Legend will be $24.

What makes this sale different is that this will be the last opportunity to use your PayPal balance to purchase products from our store. We are currently in the process of redeveloping the entire store website (current one been in use since mid 2017) and we have decided to change the payment processor to Stripe. Due to circumstances outside of our control, we will be discontinuing PayPal as an accepted payment method indefinitely.

The new store will only take credit and debit cards to start off with, and we will be looking to accept more payment methods as time goes on. If you have unused PayPal balance and you have always wanted to purchase something from NetherGames with it, now is your final...

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