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Skyblock Release Information

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Hello all,

Skyblock has been taken offline for a while and undergoing maintenance to resolve a number of gameplay issues. The development team has now fixed a number of these issues and determined that a public release is now possible again.

As such, we are glad to announce that Skyblock will be back online starting from October 9th 2021
We are not going to publish a specific time (so please don't ask "which time zone?")

Beginning this season, Skyblock will be reset every 6 months similarly to the credits & tiers system. This means that your progress from last season will not carry over to the new season starting on October 9th.
As with all game modes, in the event of a game-breaking bug or fault, please note that we reserve the right to reset progress as deemed necessary.

Players who have purchased mini-helpers through the store previously will be entitled to receive their purchases back in the new...

YouTube Rank Applications + Partner Update

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Hello everyone,

We have redeveloped our YouTube rank applications system in the new account portal. If eligible (5000+ subscribers), you may now apply via the account portal -
Video demonstration produced by @Casper available at
As always, all applications will be subject to manual review and your channel content will be checked before a decision is made.

Updates to the partner program have also been made. The partner program will be expanded to include accounts and channels from all platforms (previously restricted to YouTube only) and there are no specific requirements in terms of followers/subscribers/views to be eligible to apply.

You can learn more about the partner program, perks offered to partners as well as the application process at...

Community concerns

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Hello everyone!

In recent times we've heard a number of complaints about different issues, and we wanted to address some of these community concerns and show you what we've been working on!

Server lag & crashes
This is probably the most mentioned issue - and we understand that it's frustrating. That said, we are actively working on resolving issues causing lag and crashes. These are mostly related to our latest technological achievements which are still in development. As it is, networking is a very complex topic with a lot of variables you have to control. When one of the variables changes, your whole system might collapse.
While the crashes are surely annoying (I experienced them myself in-game), they also help us getting closer to a better, more stable version of NetherGames.

But why can't you test on a test server?
Honestly, we wish we could. Sadly, there is no way to efficiently emulate the behavior of players. The only way to precisely find complex...

Weekly update: 19th - 24th of July

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Hello NetherGames!

After quite some time of silent changes and frequent server crashes, I'm proud to bring everyone here an overview of the changes we've made during the past week.

Please take into consideration that some of these changes might, for various reasons, not be present on the current server, but will be pushed with the next bunch of changes.
We tried to take as many suggestions from our Discord server into consideration.

Let's get started - have a great week everyone and enjoy playing!

  • New corporate structure, to be seen here
  • Expression marks (!) now escape from guild and party chat
  • Implemented new TCP system to improve performance
  • Party & guild invites can now be toggled between "allow from everyone", "only friends" and "allow from nobody"
  • Resolved an issue with people not getting kicked while being AFK...

A small dev info: Understanding your ping

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Hello NetherGames community,

throughout the last time we have repeatedly seen people complaining about high pings and issues with pings and we believe that for players to judge on their ping, they need to understand how NetherGames' region system is working.

We are currently operating
6 Proxies in three regions of the world (EU, US, AP)
Around 85 game servers spread over those regions as well.

Now, it's important to mention that the server you are initially online when joining should not be used as an indicator for your ping, as the first server is selected randomly and does not take regions into account.

In general, pings are split up in two parts, Upstream and Downstream.

The upstream latency is the latency between your Minecraft client and the NetherGames region proxy you are currently connected to. If that's high, then your internet connection is bad or you are connected to a region which is far away from you (use to automatically join...

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