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2020 Half-Year Update

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Hi everyone,

It's been a hell of a ride these few months and certainly for me and I'm sure for many of you as well that it is hard to believe that already half a year has passed and we are well into 2020. It has also been a few months of great changes here at NetherGames and the server has grown in ways that none of us on the Executive Team could have imagined at the start of the year.

A big part of NetherGames is certainly the large community that we have and I think that it is very important that we are transparent with the considerations & decisions and the work that we are doing to improve the server for all players. This post will address a couple of topics.

First off, I want to talk about server growth and our network infrastructure. At the start of the year when we were averaging around 300 players, we were running only two nodes - 1 in Germany mainly catering to players in the EU and 1 in the US mainly catering to players in the Americas. Initially towards the end of...

29th June 2020

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This week's updates include:
  • New node servers in Germany and the US (2.5x more powerful) to host proxy and server lobbies
  • 2nd US proxy scrapped
  • Minor bug fixes to all game modes
  • Only final deaths are now counted in Bedwars game statistics

Our entire team work hard to bring new updates every week to our network to make the best possible experience for our players.
Thank you to any players who have reported bugs or issues! If you do see a bug, please report it to us - or to #bugs on our Discord server -


Important announcements this week:

Bedwars Chest UI Shop & Upgrader
Due to 1.16 issues, the chest shop & upgrader interface in Bedwars has been temporarily removed - forms will be the only supported option until further notice

June Plot Contest Extended
The crashing issues on the Creative server should now be fixed. To...

22nd June 2020

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This week's updates include:
  • General:
    • Internal communication system updates and fixes to improve the reliability of parties as well as the social system and other aspects of the server
    • Region player count checks fixed
    • Most servers can now handle up to 60 players
    • AI-based chat filter checks slightly loosened
    • 2nd AP proxy server installed
    • 2nd US proxy server installed
    • Anticheat fixes & improvements
    • 1.16 support improvements
  • Bedwars:
    • Stackable items purchased through the Bedwars chest UI shop version can now be stacked even if you pick it up
    • Enchantments/durability bug with Bedwars items fixed
    • Chest UI upgrader now plays sounds when you purchase an upgrade (similar to the chest shop)
    • Various issues with low FPS mode in-game patched
  • Murder Mystery:
    • Minor detective/murderer chance fixes

Our entire team work hard to bring new updates every week to our network to make the best...

15th June 2020

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This week's updates include:
  • General:
    • 1900 players! (cool achievement again)
    • 1.16 clients are now supported along with existing 1.13-1.14 versions
    • Voter rank tag abolished but perks will continue
    • New internal server communication system fixing friend online status inconsistencies and party dropout issues
    • Detailed game statistics available for public view through the stats portal (
    • Extra EU proxy added to cope with demand during peak times
    • Touchscreen players will be notified if they are in a non touch-only queuing match upon joining one
  • Bedwars:
    • Bedbugs can now be thrown, spawning where the snowball lands
    • Mob health buffed
    • Price display for tier upgrades fixed in Bedwars Solo & Doubles matches
  • Enforcement:
    • Staff Disrespect warning added
    • Obstruction of Justice warning added

Our entire team work hard to bring new...

Voter Rank Tag Discontinued

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Hello everyone!

Today we are announcing that rank tags for Voters will no longer be shown.

First issued in 2016 when we were a smaller server, we feel as though now is the right time to discontinue the Voter rank tag.

While the same benefits will continue to be granted to players who vote for NetherGames and claim their rewards, a VOTER rank in name tags and chat will no longer exist.

At the time of writing, the perks offered to voters include:
  • x1.25 personal XP boost (unlike VIP rank game-wide boosts)
  • 5 credits per vote
  • 100 XP per vote
  • Access to Mega Creative on the Creative server (2 plots)

Let us know if you have any questions by replying to this thread.

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