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Big projects need big plots.
That's exactly why this month, we're introducing Platinum Plots.

So what are Platinum Plots?
They're just like Creative Dimension and Mega Creative - only bigger. You can claim 5 enormous 150x150 plots - that's a lot.

What is this going to replace?
This is going to replace the current plot limits in place. At the moment, if you buy the Ultra rank, you get 6 plots, Emerald rank - 12 plots, Legend - unlimited. Platinum Plots replaces this - all 3 ranks will have access to this new world. The Creative Dimension and Mega Creative plot limit remains at 2 for all players.
Because plot contest winners will have access to Platinum Plots, the new prize for winning the plot contest will be access to Platinum Plots.

Is there a catch?
Like all offers that sound too good to be true, there's a catch. Platinum Plots will only be available to VIP players (Ultra, Emerald & Legend), plot contest winners and NetherGames builders...


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Hello and welcome to our brand new NetherGames forums. The old forums have been archived and moved to Here we will explain to you why we've moved. We moved to a new forum software because this software has new possibilities and features we can add for everyone. In case you have any questions you can contact our support ([email protected]) or visit but before you do that, please read the Q&A incase that answers your question!

We hope you enjoy the new forums.
- Sincerely, NetherGames Team.

Will my posts from the old forums stay?
Unfortunately no, your old forum posts will not stay. This means we will be having a fresh start.

Do I login with my old account?
No, you will have to create a brand new account!

There's an issue with the forums!
Don't worry we will get onto it right away! You can report it...

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