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Update log: 19/04 - 27/04

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Hello NetherGames community!

I'm sorry that there haven't been any update blogs for quite some time, but I've been busy preparing my exams.

Nevertheless, in the last week we have quite some news that we want to bring to you!

  • Republished the creative game. Currently undergoing maintenance for small updates
  • Implemented the /trade command in skyblock
  • Invalid skins are now changed to Steve skins and you are notified that your skin is invalid
  • Bedwars: Fixed a bug where you would get the wooden sword while still having a sword in your inventory
  • Skyblock: Fixed a bug where players were able to place paintings in the pop arena and spawn
  • General: Fixed a bug where a "to NetherGames" subtitle would show in the countdown
  • General: Fixed multiple issues that harmed the placement of blocks
  • General: Fixed a bug that caused some blocks to "re-appear" after being destroyed
  • Skyblock: Fixed a...

8.3. - 15.3: Changelog

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Welcome to this weeks changelog!

This week, we have a lot more to tell you than last week, obviously starting off with our newest addition of game modes.

  • Released the Capture the flag minigame
  • Updated the server to version 1.16.210 (Protocol 428)
  • SB: Performance update in entity handling, noticeably reducing server load on SB
  • CTF: Fixed a bug where deaths would not count towards your KDR
  • TB: Fixed the /reconnect command not moving players to survival gamemode
  • CTF: Fix a bug where it would say "The Bridge" in the hotter editor
  • BW: Fixed a bug where the armor would not show when being hit while affected by an invisibility potion
  • BW: Fixed a bug where teams would sometimes show with zero players in the scoreboard.
We also want to thank you for hitting 2.502 players yesterday, thanks a lot for the amazing support...

2.3. - 7.3. Network update

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Hello NetherGames community,
today I'm bringing you the changes that our development staff have been doing behind the scenes in the last days. As we are currently working on many new projects, this weeks changelog is rather short.

  • Updated all of our servers to PHP8 (20% performance uplift)
  • When a game server goes down, you will no longer be kicked from the whole network, but instead be redirected to a lobby server (->picture)
  • Reworked our internal messaging PHP client, bringing faster performance
  • Fixed some bugs regarding our internal communications system (NetSys)

We wish everyone a great new week and we're thrilled to bring more updates to you in the next weeks!

Your NetherGames Development Team


Update log: Valentines day - now

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Hello NetherGames community!

We intend to start back up with those weekly update blogs, so here's the first one. It contains many changes made in the last couple of weeks, namely since valentines day. We hope you enjoy the changes and wish you a lot of fun playing!

New changes:
  • Skyblock now has a trading system implemented
  • The discord chat is now moderated by a chat filter
General changes:
  • Reworked the internal player tracking system, still indev
  • internal Bossbar handling have been rewritten completely
  • cosmetics have been improved
  • Fixed a bug with guild leaders kicking out themselves
  • Fixed a glitch that was related to armor on SkyBlock, that could be abused for duping items
  • Killstreak Challenges in Skyblock are now working again
  • Fixed a glitch with infinite credits on Bedwars
  • Fixed: Bows with punch no longer do knock back in non-pop zones
  • Fixed: Issues with the TheBridge inventory...

End of the Skyblock Downtime

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Hello NetherGames Players,

following up our statement about the SkyBlock downtime that was made a couple days ago, we can now happily announce that the server is back on, including SkyBlock.

Now many have asked what the issue we were resolving has been, and I'll shed some light on this.
The bug we encountered is simple but can be easily abused. NetherGames Is based on a regional system, we have proxies in the EU, US and AP region. That said, a player found out that you were actually able to join the server twice with the same account using different regions. This allowed duplicating in SkyBlock, as when you buy something on one account, the account's money is not synchronized with other sessions and the database until you leave the server.
Luckily, we caught this issue early and were able to resolve the issue before it became serious. It is no longer possible to join the network twice with the same account.

We used this as an opportunity to revamp some of our internal...

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