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Summary - Q&A from Saturday, May 7th

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Hello everyone!​

As promised these are all the suggestions that we've collected from the Q&A on May 7th.
Before that though, the announcements from the beginning:

Achievement System​

NetherGames is going to get an achievement system. Grind to get all the achievements and get a special cosmetic!

SkyWars revamp​

We are currently working on reworking the entire SkyWars mode to adapt community wishes, suggestions and necessary changes.


NetherGames is going to get a new lobby, which is set to release in the next few weeks.

Updating Gamemodes​

The team has decided to prioritize updating existing games over creating new ones for the close future. We will not develop any new games in the close future.

New Store​

NetherGames is getting a new store, with new perks, new purchasable items, and finally: a gifting feature...

Rebuilding the entire Infrastructure

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The Dark Ages​

Until not long ago, NetherGames was using the same infrastructure design we had back in 2020. While that wouldn't sound bad, a lot has happened since then. NetherGames has rapidly grown, and we had to get used to higher demand.

In the old design of the infrastructure, we had several physical nodes. We call them nodes in this blog post. You can imagine a node as a physical server in a data centre. And we had a few of these. (See on the right)
Screenshot 2022-03-23 at 21.32.51.png

Now, what's the issue, you might ask. Well, we managed all of these servers separately. If we wanted to schedule more Bedwars Squads servers, we would have to manually start them after calculating which node would be the best to start them on.

Imagine the pain of manually restarting servers on all of these nodes separately when pushing an update. You had to essentially open every node's control panel and restart the servers there. That usually...

2021 Recap & Rank Giveaway

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Hey everyone,

To celebrate the 6th anniversary of NetherGames today and as a thank you for supporting us in 2021, we're giving out free ranks on the network. Check out the video created by our Social Media team to enter

Trainee Applications

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Hello everyone,

Recently, we have found ourselves in need of some additional volunteers to help moderate the server and give the community the best experience while on NetherGames.

Trainee is the entry-level role of the moderation team, and applications are always open. We're looking for applicants who are active on the network, who have a friendly and professional attitude, who meet our requirements and who are committed to helping the network and its players! In turn, members of the staff team have the opportunity to learn and improve upon valuable skills such as communication, moderation, leadership and teamwork whilst on the team.

If you are 14 or older and believe you have these qualities, you may learn more and/or apply at - for a more detailed list of requirements, refer to the application form, where they can be found in full. Please make sure that you meet all requirements before applying!

For those planning on applying, please ensure that...

An update on our projects

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Hello NetherGames community!

we have been quiet for some time, and we know that many of you wait for updates to happen. This post aims to explain a bit what we are currently working on and why these projects are so important for us.

As always, thanks for reading, and have a great week!


This is probably what most of you have waited for, and yes, it is happening. We are working on a new, improved anticheat. As mention in previous blogs, cheaters are a noticable issue on NetherGames and we do not want to neglect that. It is currently live on BedWars, Duels and The Bridge for testing.
Making an AntiCheat takes quite a substential amount of time to not only develop, but also to tweak values and thresholds so they make the best compromise:
detecting cheaters while also not impacting legit gameplay.
We look forward to having the AntiCheat deployed completely. You might even see another dev blog about it by...

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