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12th April 2019

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This week's updates include:
  • The "Party Manager" menu has been redesigned into the "Social Menu", which boasts more features than the old UI - including the ability to promote other players to the party host position. You can also quickly invite players by hitting them while holding the social menu item!
  • New kits have been introduced to SkyWars, check them out! Let us know your thoughts in #suggestions on Discord or in the Suggestions section of the forums
  • You can now select what kit you want to use in the SkyWars waiting lobbies using the new "Kit Selector" menu. This menu also provides a description of what each kit contains
  • Selecting a kit via the "Profile Settings" menu is no longer available due to the new "Kit Selector" menu being introduced
  • Quick equip for armour has also been added: simply right-click the armour in your inventory and you'll equip it!
Our Executive Team work hard every day to bring you an enjoyable server network to play...

HappyBedrock Merger FAQ

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If you're reading this post, it's most likely you have a question about the NetherGames + HappyBedrock merger. That's okay - we're here to (hopefully) answer some of your questions.

Here are a few of the questions the community has asked us the most, and the answers to them!

I have a paid (VIP) rank on my account. Who do I contact to get it transferred?
Currently we're still working on getting them transferred, but we'll post an announcement when it's done. Ranks will be transferred to NG as follows (format HB rank - NG rank):
VIP - No rank, 5 crate keys reimbursement
MVP - Ultra
MVP+ - Emerald
Bedrock - Legend

Will my YouTube rank be transferred?
Unfortunately we will not be transferring YouTube ranks. That being said, you're more than welcome to apply if you meet our requirements. The "YT" rank requires 500 or more subscribers, and the more prestigious "YouTube" rank requires 5000+ subscribers. You can apply through the following links:
YT rank...

Price changes for store products

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Hello NetherGames players!

Starting January 4th (after our Christmas/New Years Sale), rank prices will be adjusted as follows:
- Ultra Rank: $10
- Emerald Rank: $15
- Legend Rank: $20
- Ultra to Emerald Upgrade: $10
- Ultra to Legend Upgrade: $15
- Emerald to Legend Upgrade: $10

The following new products will be introduced:
- Stats transfer token: $5
- Rank transfer token: $5

Due to the introduction of the rank transfer token, we regret to advise that ranks will no longer be transferred between accounts for free by our support team, effective immediately.
Gift voucher prices remain unchanged. We believe that the new prices match the perks each rank offers better than the previous prices, and we think you will too!

Thank you for supporting NetherGames!

Tiers update

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UPDATE 16 MAY 2019: This post is now outdated. Please see this updated article for more information -

Hello NetherGames players,

We're excited to announce our new tiers system!

Regular tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold
Prestige tiers: Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum

You need a certain amount of credits to work your way up to the next tier. To earn credits, you just need to play! To check how many credits you currently have, go to and type in your username. The more you play, the faster you rank up! You must play a minimum of 4 games per hour. Voting gives you an hour's worth of credits.
Players earn 5 credits per hour. When you earn 200 credits, you reach bronze!

Bronze members earn 10 credits per hour and have the ability to select from 4 random kits.
(Lifetime Bronze requires 8000 credits [Diamond])

Once you have earned 600 credits, you move up to Silver!

Massive SkyWars Update

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Hello NetherGames players,

We're happy to be announcing a new SkyWars update!

Play with a friend with out new Doubles mode (teams of 2)
Will you and your friend become #1 on the leaderboard?

- NEW: Doubles mode (only on SkyWars)
- NEW: Maps imported
- NEW: Waiting lobbies
- NEW: Cages in Solo and Doubles matches
- Improved server performance
- Blocks in maps fixed
- Separate sign boards for Solo and Doubles matches

Please note: Teaming in Solo matches and cross-teaming in Doubles matches will result in you being punished.

Our Executive Team, Developers and staff team work hard every day to bring you an enjoyable server to play on.
Thank you to any players who have reported bugs or issues. If you encounter a bug please report it to #bugs on our Discord server -

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