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8th June 2020

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This week's updates include:
  • General:
    • 1500 players! (not really an update but cool achievement)
    • Voter rank requirement for creating parties abolished (now open to everyone)
    • Voters will now receive a x1.25 personal XP booster for the duration of their rank (24 hours)
    • Regions are now disabled if there are less than 200 players on it, you will be redirected to another region instead
    • If you have region queuing enabled and the region you are currently on is full, you will be placed into a queue - Emerald/Legend players can skip the queue and join full regions
    • You now need to right-click to use spectator items if on a mouse/keyboard device
    • Various party crashes fixed
    • We are now tracking a range of statistics including (some of these are not available for public viewing yet):
      • Bedwars - Kills/Deaths/Wins/Beds Broken/Final Kills/Resources Collected
      • Duels - Kills/Deaths/Wins/Losses/Arrows Hit/Melee Hits
      • Murder Mystery -...

May 2020 Plot Contest Results

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Thank you to everyone who participated in May's plot contest. It was a pleasure looking at all of your World Famous Landmark builds. The judging panel has reviewed all submissions and has decided on the winner for last month's contest. This month's judging panel consisted of @TheRealLargeknome, @JoshT and @Dcymonster.

Out of 20 unique submissions, 2 people were disqualified due to invalid submission details.

The following people were disqualified for submitting invalid details:
  • MrThaPig
Congratulations to DurpyNoob18 and CBABOUCHE, who won the May 2020 Landmarks plot contest in the Novice & Expert competitions respectively and have both been awarded with free rank upgrades! You can check out their the winning Novice plot, the Statue of Liberty, at (-26;60) and the Expert plot, Big Ben/Westminster Palace/London Eye, at (-3;-55), both located in Mega Creative.

Honourable mentions...

Creative Plot Contest - June 2020

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Hello everyone,

Thanks to the players who participated in May's Plot Contest! We had 20 unique World Famous Landmarks submissions and our judging panel is currently going through all of them.

A note regarding submission of plots: please do not submit your plot multiple times, or submit multiple plots. If you spam the form with the same or a number of different plots, you will be disqualified from the competition.

A winner will be announced shortly via Discord ( #announcements and on Twitter (@NetherGamesMC).

This theme for the June contest will be Seasons. Like with previous competitions, you can build anything in a plot in any of the 3 dimensions (Creative Plots, Mega Creative or Platinum Plots) as long as it relates to the theme in order to be considered for the prize (free rank upgrade). If you already have the Legend rank, a permanent addition of 500 credits will be added...

1st June 2020

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This week's updates include:
  • General:
    • New Asia-Pacific region game servers
    • CPS limit reintroduced (capped at 10)
    • You can toggle between popup and chat game messages to prevent spam
    • Count down format in games changed
  • Bedwars:
    • 4 new Solo & Doubles maps (Babylon, Bio-Hazard, Crypt and Orchestra)
    • 6 new Squads maps (Carapace, Invasion, Jurassic, Pharaoh, Sandcastle and Swashbuckle)
    • Left click or right click toggle for Bedwars NPCs (shop & upgrader) in Profile Settings -> Preferences
    • Chest UI option available in Profile Settings -> Preferences
    • Height limit doubled from 15 to 30 blocks
    • Mob spawning in maps disabled
    • Armour now shows after you are hit while using an invisibility potion
  • Creative
    • You can no longer overwrite signs on plots you do not have permission to build in
  • Factions
    • Experimental fix for "falling through spawn" bug fixed
  • SkyWars:
    • 11 new maps...

Asia-Pacific Region Trial & Bedwars Shop Update

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Hello everyone!

If you may recall, we announced a new proxy in the Asia-Pacific region and hosted in Singapore just under 2 weeks ago.
Today, we'd like to follow up on that announcement by announcing not only is there a proxy located in the AP region, but new game servers are being hosted to serve players in the Asia-Pacific region too!

When the new proxy was released, there was a major flaw in that it was still connecting to our backend game servers located in the EU and US regions, so in terms of physical distance between players in the AP region and our servers, there was no change. The only difference was that the latency between players and the proxy was theoretically reduced and the connection between the proxy and our backend servers was better than the connection between players and the EU and US proxies.

With new backend game servers introduced in Singapore, Asia-Pacific players should no doubt see improvements in not only latency but server performance. The following...

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