Tiers reset & update

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Hello everyone,

6 months ago, our tiers system was released. Upon releasing tiers, we warned that tiers would be reset at the end of the tier period (6 months). That time has now come!

All players have now been reset back to 0 credits. Due to an error with the tier reset processing system, lifetime tiers have not been set for those who have obtained them last season. More information about this matter is available in the #tiers-announcement channel on our Discord server and can be viewed by all players who previously claimed their tier rank on Discord.

Along with the reset, we have also made some changes as to how the tier system works. Credits are now issued to players at a flat rate per hour, with everyone receiving 5 credits every hour provided that they play 8 games within that hour (you must participate in a match). To clarify, playing on the Creative server does not count and you will not receive credits for building on your plot.

As such, we have updated the amount of...

Discord breach incident

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Hello NetherGames players,

In the afternoon on Easter Sunday (21st April 2019) Australian Eastern Standard Time our Discord server suffered a minor security breach in which a former server developer's account was used to prune roughly 1800 members from the server.

At this point, we can confirm that no user information has been leaked, stolen or used in a damaging manner as a result of this minor breach. It does not affect any in-game or forums players and users.

New users who have registered on our Discord server after 4pm AEST are not affected by this incident.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this incident may have caused to our Discord users. We are currently conducting a full investigation into this breach and taking necessary steps to prevent a similar incident from reoccurring in the future. We urge everybody who was previously a member of our Discord server to rejoin using our Discord invite link -

If you have any...

Tiers update

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UPDATE 16 MAY 2019: This post is now outdated. Please see this updated article for more information -

Hello NetherGames players,

We're excited to announce our new tiers system!

Regular tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold
Prestige tiers: Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum

You need a certain amount of credits to work your way up to the next tier. To earn credits, you just need to play! To check how many credits you currently have, go to and type in your username. The more you play, the faster you rank up! You must play a minimum of 4 games per hour. Voting gives you an hour's worth of credits.
Players earn 5 credits per hour. When you earn 200 credits, you reach bronze!

Bronze members earn 10 credits per hour and have the ability to select from 4 random kits.
(Lifetime Bronze requires 8000 credits [Diamond])

Once you have earned 600 credits, you move up to Silver!

New punishments system

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Hello NetherGames players,

Let's get straight to the point so you can enjoy playing on the network as soon as possible:
We have removed all previous bans and mutes.
You read it correctly! All players (except for a select few) previously punished in-game on our servers, on the forums or on our Discord server have had their punishments removed. Everybody starts off the month on a clean slate.

This decision has been made as part of a revamp to our old punishments system. The new system will:
- Introduce different levels of punishments as warnings: you may receive a verbal warning or a lighter punishment for the first few times you are warned, then a stronger one if you reoffend
- Make it easier for staff to do their important work
- Make the game fairer for everybody: all staff are now required to collect and on request, publish evidence of players breaking rules

As part of the update, ban and mute appeals will only be accepted if it is a permanent...

Updates to Privacy Policy

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Hello NetherGames players,

As many of you may have heard, a new data protection law is coming into effect called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which will covers all our players and users located within the European Economic Area (EEA). While the GDPR only applies to EEA countries, we will be rolling out a new data and privacy to all players & users globally.

In our new Data & Privacy Policy, we have outlined the following:
- What data we collect and why
- How we use the data we collect
- What steps we have taken to comply with the GDPR
- What measures we have taken to protect user data
- Some guidelines for handling user data and information
- How you can remove or request a copy of your data from our databases and servers

You can find the new policy that comes into effect on the 25th of May 2018 (same date as when the GDPR comes into effect) at...

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