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Multi-Threading & why it's important?

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Our topic for today is threading, and when I say threading, I don't mean the threads on your clothes.

In the world of code, a thread is most similar to a rail track, just that it only lets trains pass in one direction. For our understanding of how threads work, we can replace the trains with actions (tasks, methods, whatever you want to call it). On this real track, at the end of it, there is one station (handler) and for something to occur, the train (action) must reach that station (handler).

From this very basic understanding, you should have been able to understand that every task (train) has to wait for the task that's ahead of it to first reach the station (handler) before it can. This is the very gist of Synchronous Programming (Synchronous means that you can only execute one thing at a time). This is also called Single-Threading, and...

25th May 2020

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This week's updates include:
  • General:
    • New lava-drip scalable logo released
    • New server trailer released
    • Automated chat bot installed in live chat system to assist players when no staff members are online
    • Switched to new node servers in the EU region
  • Social:
    • Extra friend slot packages available for purchase from the store
    • Guild member limit increased from 25 to 50
  • Bedwars:
    • Shop and upgrader NPC positions fixed on the Dreamgrove map
  • Factions
    • You can no longer place blocks within a 1000-block radius from spawn
  • SkyWars:
    • Available kits reverted back to old selection

Our entire team work hard to bring new updates every week to our network to make the best possible experience for our players.
Thank you to any players who have reported bugs or issues! If you do see a bug, please report it to us - or to #bugs on our...

New NetherGames logo

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Hello everyone!

As many of you may be able to see, we are currently in the process of replacing our old logo with a new logo designed by @RageDesigns!

The old NetherGames logo (also designed by Rage) has been in use since 2017 and we have decided that it is time to switch it up a little. The process of looking for a new logo actually began in late 2018 but was put on hold after we failed to find a suitable replacement.

This new minimalistic logo depicts a lava drip, a nod to the server name (lava in the nether). We wanted a logo that was easily scalable unlike the old one, which had two separate versions - "NG" and "NETHERGAMES". The new logo can be used as just an icon and also with together with the NetherGames wordmark.

We know that the change may be difficult for some people but we believe that with the expansion of the server network over the last couple of months, this new logo gives us a great fresh new look and symbolises a new beginning for something...

18th May 2020

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This week's updates include:
  • General:
    • Discord Ban Appeals announced
    • New Asia-Pacific proxy released on a 1 month trial
    • NetherGames Discord bot gained verified bot status
    • Voter rank no longer required to join parties, however it is required to create one
  • Social:
    • List of guild members now shows who is online and which server they are on/were last on
    • New Guild Statistics page in guilds menu shows current guild level, XP and amount of XP required to level up
    • Friends, guilds and party commands added allowing players to access the GUI without returning to lobby
  • Creative:
    • New /ci (clear inventory) command for Legend players on the Creative server
    • Plot archive functionality added, allowing players to gain more plots
    • Redstone removed from the Creative server due to abuse
  • Factions:
    • Block break glitch fixed

Our entire team work hard to bring new updates every week to our...

New Asia-Pacific Proxy Trial

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Hello everyone,

I'm glad to announce that we're launching a new proxy server today in the Asia-Pacific region!

This new proxy server is hosted in Singapore and should be able to better cater to players located in Asia and Oceania.

To use the new proxy server - if you're already connecting using the main IP, you don't need to do anything. You'll be automatically routed to the proxy server that is the closest to you. However, if you like connecting using direct IPs, you can use to connect to the new proxy.

Something that I need to stress is that this is a 1 month trial. If the experience for players ideally connected to the new proxy server is the same as connecting to the original two proxies (EU and US), we may consider cancelling this proxy due to the increased running cost. Hosting such a powerful node server in this region does not come cheap as bandwidth is quite expensive.

Hopefully our friends in Asia and...

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