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The forums have officially closed as of the 5th of January 2023!

We just launched a new unified experience for contacting staff about appeals, applications, reports, billing issues, bug bounties, and rollback requests! All old links will now redirect to

The forums will be privately archived at 12:00AM on the 1st of February UTC at which you will no longer be able to access your forums account or any content you have posted. If you wish to archive any of your information, please do so in these coming weeks.

Recent updates: 26th - 3rd

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Hello everyone!

We'll be trying to do these more regularly now, however we might leave some out if there are no changes made.
Lets go over some of the major changes first.

New store​

The new store is a major step for us. It implements rank gifting, more payment methods and improved reliability. We're very happy with it and aim to add more payment providers in the near future. If you want a small tour, you can check out our YouTube Video.

Until August 1, you can use the code "NEWSTORE22" in the store to save 10% off all applicable products

Factions Comeback​

As many of you have asked us so many times, factions will return with a new season tomorrow 9:00 AM GMT!
With the new factions season, the following changes were made:
  • Farlands world size is limited to 75.000x75.000 blocks
  • Introduced a form system as an...

Updates this week

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Hello @everyone! Some changes I’d like to announce today.

First of all, we know a lot of you have felt that the suggestions system on Discord needs to be improved and the way that we respond to them. Therefore, we’re going to be trialling a new suggestions platform at where you can post suggestions and we can officially reply to them and change the status. Please avoid creating duplicate suggestions as these will be deleted, you can reply to other people’s suggestions if you have improvements to theirs.

As a trial we’re going to be giving all YouTubers access to post videos in media so that you can see more content from NetherGames content creators.

From feedback, we will be removing the rule regarding inappropriate content in someone’s Discord bio or status. This was never officially a rule but to ensure this is...

New lobby!

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Today is a very exciting day - we’ve released our biggest ever lobby yet.
This lobby has been in development for a long time and has so many different interactive parts to explore.

There are secrets hidden beneath the ground and above the water: Will you find them all?

Go check it out now an explore!

Update to YouTube rank requirements

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Hey everyone, small update today to our YouTube channel requirements! As of today, we have amended the requirements so that YouTube channels over 5000 subscribers who produce Bedrock-related content (and not NetherGames related content) are now eligible for the YouTube rank subject to other requirements.

To be clear, the YouTube requirement is still staying as 1000 subscribers, this is just an addition so that we can offer this rank as well to larger Bedrock YouTubers who do not have any NetherGames content.

Read more about the requirements on the helpdesk article -