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Price changes for store products

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Hello NetherGames players!

Starting January 4th (after our Christmas/New Years Sale), rank prices will be adjusted as follows:
- Ultra Rank: $10
- Emerald Rank: $15
- Legend Rank: $20
- Ultra to Emerald Upgrade: $10
- Ultra to Legend Upgrade: $15
- Emerald to Legend Upgrade: $10

The following new products will be introduced:
- Stats transfer token: $5
- Rank transfer token: $5

Due to the introduction of the rank transfer token, we regret to advise that ranks will no longer be transferred between accounts for free by our support team, effective immediately.
Gift voucher prices remain unchanged. We believe that the new prices match the perks each rank offers better than the previous prices, and we think you will too!

Thank you for supporting NetherGames!

Tiers update

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Hello NetherGames players,

We're excited to announce our new tiers system!

Regular tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold
Prestige tiers: Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire, Platinum

You need a certain amount of credits to work your way up to the next tier. To earn credits, you just need to play! To check how many credits you currently have, go to and type in your username. The more you play, the faster you rank up! You must play a minimum of 4 games per hour. Voting gives you an hour's worth of credits.
Players earn 5 credits per hour. When you earn 200 credits, you reach bronze!

Bronze members earn 10 credits per hour and have the ability to select from 4 random kits.
(Lifetime Bronze requires 8000 credits [Diamond])

Once you have earned 600 credits, you move up to Silver!
Silver members earn 15 credits per hour. They have the ability to select from 8 random kits and get 1.5 XP boost!
(Lifetime Silver requires 12000 credits [Sapphire])

Once you have earned 1500...

Massive SkyWars Update

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Hello NetherGames players,

We're happy to be announcing a new SkyWars update!

Play with a friend with out new Doubles mode (teams of 2)
Will you and your friend become #1 on the leaderboard?

- NEW: Doubles mode (only on SkyWars)
- NEW: Maps imported
- NEW: Waiting lobbies
- NEW: Cages in Solo and Doubles matches
- Improved server performance
- Blocks in maps fixed
- Separate sign boards for Solo and Doubles matches

Please note: Teaming in Solo matches and cross-teaming in Doubles matches will result in you being punished.

Our Executive Team, Developers and staff team work hard every day to bring you an enjoyable server to play on.
Thank you to any players who have reported bugs or issues. If you encounter a bug please report it to #bugs on our Discord server -

Plot Contest - October

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Hello NetherGames players,

Last month’s plot contest submissions for the theme "Village" have been reviewed - Congratulations to fanciellaa! If you have time, I encourage you to check out her plot at 30;-48 Mega Creative. Thank you to all that entered! After a poll on our Discord Server, we have decided that this month's theme will be Bridge! As long as your build fits the theme, it is eligible for this contest and will be considered. You may use one Creative, Mega, or Platinum plot to build a bridge, there are many ways you can explore this theme! Some ideas include a wooden bridge passing through the mountains, a bridge over an ocean or some other body of water, a bridge over a busy city, etc. This means options for you are pretty much limitless, the more creative the idea the better. There are many styles of bridges, so you can decide which type to build.

You may add helpers to your plot, but please note that the...

12th September 2018

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This week's updates include:
- Improved performance of Murder Mystery games.
- Remodernized all Murder Mystery maps, with correct blocks.
- Fixed some Murder Mystery bugs.
- Added features on some Murder Mystery maps:
  • Library: You can buy potions on cauldrons for 1 gold ingot.
  • Archives: You can now open the secret passage with hoppers.
  • Towerfall: You can now open the trap with levers.
  • Transport: You can buy shields for protecting yourself.
  • Themepark: You can try your luck by entering one of the 3 doors of the house.

Special thanks to Matcracker this week with all his new updates on Murdery Mystery.

Bug reporting notice (Bedwars, Murder Mystery & SkyWars):
If you see a bug, please report it to or #bugs via with...

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