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2019 Christmas Update & Review

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Hello NetherGames players!

First off, the Executive Team wants to thank each and everyone of you for supporting us in 2019.
We've grown exponentially over the past year, breaking our concurrent network player count and setting a new one (over 500!). Our games have undergone major revamps and we've brought back a few of our old games.

Recently (and by that I mean in the past few days) you may have been suffering from connection problems, or we may have pulled the servers down for "maintenance". What we've actually done during this time is abolished the EU and US region split that we introduced earlier this year and redesigned our server infrastructure again.

There is only one 'proxy' or server that you will now join, which you can connect through the main IP
All minigames (i.e. Bedwars, Duels, Murder Mystery & SkyWars) are now run an upgraded server located in the United States (east coast) that is more powerful than the old Canada server, while...

SkyWars Present Hunt

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It's December, which means Christmas is fast approaching!

To get everyone into the festive spirit, we're putting 5 LEGEND ranks up for grabs! These 5 ranks will be given to the winners on Christmas Day (25th December).

So how do you enter? Unlike previous competitions where you often have to like or retweet one of our tweets, subscribe to our YouTube channel or so on, this time, it's simple! Just play SkyWars (non duels matches) and look out for any presents in the loot chests. There is 1 present in a chest every match.

These presents will be shown as player heads. Simply click on them (or attempt to drag them back to your inventory) to collect it!

You will soon be able to check how many presents the top players have got on the stats engine ( Until then, get playing to get a head start!

Good luck!

Factions Update (v3)

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Hello factions players!

This may not be the best time to release an update, but we're excited to announce the awaited factions update has finally arrived!
Here's what's been added or changed:

Bidding in Auction House
You can now choose to allow bidding for items you add to your auction listings! If you choose to allow bidding, you will set two new variables (in addition to the default quantity) - the buyout price and the minimum bid allowed. The buyout price is the price where the item is automatically sold to the bidder and the minimum bid is simply the minimum amount that each bidder must bid.
The item will be sold to the highest bidder after 24 hours of you listing the item. In order to make a bid, you must have sufficient funds. It will be removed from your balance once you bid, but if you lose the bid it will be re-added to your account.

New Boss/Envoy
In addition to dragons, an ogre boss has also been added! Whenever you tap an egg, either a dragon or ogre...

Bedwars & Cosmetics update

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Hello everyone!

We're pleased to announce a huge update to Bedwars today!

Here's what's new:
  • Map selection updates: instead of selecting the map you wish to play on from the sign board, you will vote for a map when you hang out in the waiting lobby. Voting for maps is restricted to Voters (you can vote at and VIP players.
  • In addition to solos and doubles, trios have been added! The more people in your team, the more fun the game becomes!
  • New custom waiting lobby: go and try your parkour skills while you wait
  • Generators in team matches: any player that is in the resource generator will now receive the items. No more hogging!
  • Fireballs! Purchase them from the shop for 40 iron and blow up your enemy's bridges
  • Traps: be notified when an opponent comes into your base
  • Heal pool upgrade: take a rest at your base when you're injured badly
In addition to these cool updates to Bedwars, we've also released other...

Guilds Update

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Hello everyone!

We've been pushing out many updates to the competitive and social aspect of the server recently! Today, we're excited to announce that another frequently suggested feature has been added - guilds!

Guilds may only be created by players with the Legend rank ($20 purchased from Each guild may hold up to 50 players.

There is a competitive aspect to guilds - every time you win a game in Bedwars or SkyWars, you win 30 XP for your guild, in addition to 2 XP if you get 1-2 kills in that game, 5 XP if 3-5 kills and 10 XP if over 5 kills. Guild XP is separate to your individual player XP and level.

There are currently no rewards in which Guild XP can be used for, however a leaderboard on the stats engine will be released shortly and rewards will be introduced in the very near future, so stay tuned and start grinding to get a head start!

Other updates released around the network include:
  • Multi language support...

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